Psychic Readings

  • Hi, I’ve had 3 psychic readings about my love life from Kasamba and they’ve all been different! How do I know which one is true if not at all? Just I just wait and see? I feel like I’ve wasted so much money! They’re at least £5 a minute!

  • @Geminigirl -
    You did three readings on the same question? The Universe then provides confusion as it feels you did not accept the answer the first time, but also it could mean situations have changed, because of your own actions or because of something outside of your control ... Future is fluid, it changes depending on certain circumstances, yes somethings can be stagnant with nothing changing it ... but you may find this may be about changes you may have made in some way to why the reading changed ...

    Be wary of asking the same question over and over ... it speaks of not trusting in the Universe. Need to wait several weeks and look at the changes being made... . What actions are you taking to create the desires you want in your life? (do not need to answer me but this is something you may need to ask yourself?
    How can you improve this situation to manifest what is necessary in your life?

    Ask the question once... write down the reading or listen to it (if poss) meditate, reflect, contemplate on what was said, listen to the advice and take action needed ... take care of self ...

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