Can I get my Aquarius ex boyfriend back?

  • We were only dating for a few months (in between he said he needed a break and got back to me) and he said he had to let me go. He said I shouldn't feel bad because he was in a weird space (he came out a lot of toxic relationships). He said I made big impact on him and that he never regret being with me.
    Along the way I acted needy after the break up (later we talked casually) and then went into no contact after the I send a elephant in the room text (apology for being a bit) which he replied not to worry he says that I should know I am a great person.
    I realize I no longer need him (as I worked on myself. In the relationship I also had some minor setbacks lost my job, getting new job, dealing with abusive parents ), but I do love him and I would like to get back. I know I was good to him I supported him, motivated him, defended him, loved him and stick to his side no matter what, e.g. xmas he wasn't feeling well and his mom was away. We planned coming together and made xmas dinner. I told him not to worry I come to you and cooked while you relaxed

  • @D I wish for you. Best of luck....

  • He has moved on and so should you. If this had been real love, you would still be together. You deserve to be truly loved and that person is out there. But first you need to lose your desperation for a partner and just enjoy your life. When we obsess on someone or something, it can slip away from us.

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