I would love someone to do a reading for me please

  • Hi,

    I would so appreciate a reading. So fascinating to know if anyone sees anything for me. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel. I so want to feel happy in my skin and content. I'm always worrying about what people think of me. I see so many people just comfortable being themselves. I'm still not, moving around has been so counter productive and has held me back. I've only been here 7 months, my last place a year. I long to be settled and feeling ok. I've so many issues and am hoping some hypnotherapy and counselling will help. Will I always be like this? or can I move forward. Thanking you for any help.

  • You need to get to know you. Until this happens you will not feel settled. Take the time to do things that you enjoy. Stop bothering about what others think of you, you need to like you before others will accept you. Take every move you make as a challenge instead of a hinderance. Seeking other's company is good, but being alone is not so bad either. Remember that no matter what happens the Sun always goes up and down.

  • Many thanks cuteistuffs. You advice makes so much sense. I've always seen most of my moves as a challenge apart from this one, which as you say I find a hinderance. I've hit a brick wall here. Have always been open and friendly but find it hard to take friendship a step closer now. I'm always leaving friends and can't be doing with that anymore. I will move ahead and look to enjoying life. Thank you again. To appreciate the highs, we must have lows!!

  • I just want to say that you must free yourself from caring about what lurks around in other peoples minds. You have enough with yourself. If you continue to have this focus, then there will be no change. So you must learn to focus on yourself in a different way.

    Have you heard about psychosynthesis? This is the understanding of how we can transform from our lower nature into our higher nature. It is the psychology subject that explains how people can change by just transforming into their higher selves. It is in fact explaining the phenomenon of how religious people can just suddenly become healed and transformed from their lower nature into more developed human beings, more true human beings.

    So this is to say that you dont need to worry, you dont need to think about anything. This is what the religions teach us to do in order to have improved lives and improved awareness of who we truly are.

    We can not reach our goal if we fear and worry and focus on things that we cannot do anything about. What are other people thinking? Why is that person doing this? Those thoughts are unneccessary.

    Just focus on your own selfdevelopment, your own healing, on how you yourself can receive what you want. Study the secret, study the law of attraction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_b1GKGWJbE8

    You are the ruler of your own life, you are a god amongst gods. The one thing that prevents you from getting what you want is firstly that you are not aware of the law of attraction. Jesus said: "You will receive according to your faith." So you must believe. And if you dont know what you want, then ask God for guidance, ask God to heal your will. We infact must surrender our will in order to know what we want. Then our will is not polluted by our desires and our fears, wich are from our lower nature.

    I am just saying that you can choose your own future. Believe it. But our will is in fact always somehow partially against us. Because we are constantly being influenced by our thinking and by our surroundings. So we must learn how to cleanse our will, so that we can do at help for ourselves and truly accept our status as gods and masters in this world.

    I hope you dont mind the referrals to the religions all the time. I am just saying that it is by divine will that we accept that we are in truth the masters of our own lives. We are mini-creators. We can curse and bless, we can heal and we can distroy. It is up to you to us to decide our fate.And since we are always influenced by the world and our thinking, God has said that we must trust in the Light and surrender to the Light in order to get the lives and gifts that we should have in order to become true human beings, in order to find out who we truly are.

    I apologise again for all the religion referals all the time, by reading the Bible my language is quite colored by it. But other people put it differently, other people use different words, but still say the same. What is important, is the message, not the messenger, the message, not the way it is put. Hope you see my point.

    I also have become interested in taoism (the origin of i-ching) and the islam and the buddhism. So I just like the Bible, but I am not a fanatic. Just know that there is a truth in what I am saying that I hope you grasp. Check the link I gave you.

  • Many thanks once again TheHangedWoman for taking the time and trouble to write such a long and indepth reply. Everything you say makes much sense and I shall go and check out the link you gave me. I don't mind the religious referrals, I find your perspective very interesting. I am also interested in Buddhism, I like their philosophies. Thank you very much, you are such a kind and giving person. I hope that all is well in your world.

  • Well, in that case: Buddhism teaches non-action when in times of trouble. When you are attacked by fears and worries about your everyday life, then remember what the Buddhism teaches: Non-action. That means that you are not supposed to do anything with those thoughts. Just dont take them in. As you mind offer you many things to worry about, dont take it. Leave them, let them be. That is what the Buddhism preaches. Non-action. The truth is that probably 99% of our thinking is unnecessary. If what you are thinking is not about how to make a cake, how to drive a car, how to use the computer etc, then dont care about it. If it is unnecessary, leave it. This is the non-action that the Buddhism preaches. When you do this, you might even feel trapped by all the attacks from the mind.

    The symbol of what Jesus did preaches also non-action: When in times of trouble, just hang there, just let the mind paralise you with emotions, but dont take it in. Let it all go, give it to God. So have the attitude of the one who hangs nailed to the cross; surrender the feelings to God so that you feel near that higher state that comes from Light (God).

    The Buddhism and the Christianity preaches the same, but in different words and symbols. See; the Buddha is sitting still when attacked by strong desires and fears. Jesus Christ let himself be nailed to the cross by those feelings of anger and desires from the people (also from within himself). He let it happen, but did not take in the feelings, he kept calm and gave his soul to God instead of letting himself panick into the worries and anger and desires of the people (and within himself).

    So these are the main message of the two religions.

  • Hi again TheHangedWoman, I have just finished watching the secret. It makes so much sense. I can see, from the past that when I have been postive, that's exactly what I attract and the same for the negative. I shall practise what goes on with my thoughts in my head and I thank you so much for your wise advice.

    Again, with the Buddhism, yes - you are once again right! Of course, non-action. I must get back into my books. Of course Christianity and surrending, letting go of fear. You are a wise woman TheHangedWoman, I have taken on board all of your replies and turn myself around. After, all it's me who's attracting all these bad things. Thank you so, so much for taking the time and trouble to reply to my posts.

  • You are welcome. It is so important that more and more people learn about this. That is why I share. I feel so sorry for people who feel so powerless in how to help themselves, and I am so grateful when I see people who want to take this lesson in. It is sad, but true, that we have a lot of power. And good when we get aware of it, since then we no longer are victims of our own lack of knowlege.

  • I have to add what I myself do: I surrender to God in doing the latihan excercise in subud. www.subud.org.

    This is an organisation that do not have a mutual religion or philosophy. It is not built on any dogma or thought structure. We just come together and worship what I call God, others call Allah, others dont give it a name. And it heals us, even though we have different religions and different experiences about what it is. It helps us and heals us. I love doing the latihan. And by the way, there is no monthly fee to be a member. The membership is for free. So that is what I do. In case you wonder.

  • Hello TheHangedWoman,

    It is so good to share your experience and knowledge. It is in our power to help ourselves an important lesson to learn. I will take a look at your link too and I thank you.. I will leave you for now a much more positive person, looking to a bright future. I will practise the monitoring of my thoughts and the state of just being as the Buddhists teach. You take care yourself and I hope that you are doing ok in yourself.

  • I am fine, thankyou.

  • Good to hear you're doing fine HangedWoman! Take care.

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