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  • Hi maybe you can help. Couple wks back my friend..guess you might say was on my mind a lot. Today I saw him after a yr. Was at his old place of business shopping. He came in and got in line behind me. I looked over hoping to get his attention but he looked away. I wanted so badly to say something. I guess I'm afraid of rejection. He's driving a real nice car and I know he wanted me to see it. Last yr when he quit he never told me he was changing jobs although we spoke often. This is the cat and mouse I didn't know how to interpret from before. He parked next to me. Miss him. Spirit has told me from the beginning full circle. Any impressions from you. I tried to friend him on facebook but no response.

  • If a guy is really into you, he will do everything to be with you. This guy saw you in the queue and looked away. He dismisses you on Facebook. He only shows you his car etc so you can see how well he is doing without you. Move on from this loser - you can do way better than this.

  • @TheCaptain ty. So, yeah I saw his car. So I came home and did a reading. I guess he's still w family. From reading I gather he wants to move forward world crowning the magician however ace of wands is upside down in foundation. 2 of wands is in challenges. He doesn't have a plan or know how to move forward. I always get 5 of coins for him and its in the future. Path is upside down. The question I asked were his feelings. 4 of swords in outcome. My advice is 4 of coins. Ty

  • @Dallyalot never read the cards for yourself - you will be too biased over the result and may see only what you want to see. I am not a tarot card reader so perhaps someone else here will respond. If you give both birth dates, I can look more into the situation.

  • @TheCaptain me 02/03/1960
    His 01/26/1999
    Look forward to this

  • This relationship tends to avoid problems if it can, preferring to be happy-go-lucky and fun rather than deep. However, by avoiding difficulties, the relationship may wind up causing more of them in the long run. Although you will enjoy giving your dark side a rest in this relationship, that is no guarantee that peacefulness will result, since the inner shadow does not take well to being ignored and may well demand attention. The relationship can nevertheless be extremely enjoyable for both of you, at least while it is still functional. It can be especially enthusiastic but may lack longevity because of both your difficulties in making a lasting commitment. Easy interchanges and few responsibilities are the keywords here. A childlike air suffuses the relationship but, unfortunately, a childish and immature one, too. The two of you may at times resemble kids who never grew up - and never wanted to, either. A responsible relationship that demands more of a fixed commitment is not particularly favoured here. The degree of independence you both require, and your inability to submit to controlling and claiming authority, is usually prohibitive in both cases. Your friend is a born flirt and may run the risk of getting involved with someone for the wrong reasons; perhaps because he is ambitious and may hope that person will help him climb the ladder of success. This is a dangerous approach and one he should avoid at all costs

  • @TheCaptain I can see the part where he might get entangled w someone who helps him and that he should avoid. I'd be happy just being friends. He's busy flirting. The car gives him a good excuse and that's totally fine. He doesn't come off as a flirt woman chaser etc. I doubt he has a girlfriend. The car is his outlet. He has a quiet private side and home security is important. He's a hard worker. He's actually very communicative when you talk to him and pleasant. I need to open up more. The part about me never growing up...right and him..right. It's all about avoiding problems in this relationship..right. This gives me insight. Do you think the cat and mouse is his failure to acknowledge or mine. Something tells me not to get in car. This has happened to me before..the following and there's something not exactly right.

  • @Dallyalot he both wants your company and is afraid to be seen with you. The child in him sees you as a mother figure and the adult in him runs from that idea.

  • @TheCaptain lol yes I see that. Ty that makes sense. I think that's the security he craves the child inside. Both of his parents passed about 7 yrs ago which prob accelerates this feeling or need. I understand that feeling. I think he might bypass or be bypassing younger relationships because of that. So when I have time I'll start another thread on something else I need insight on but unrelated. Ty for your time

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