Free Romance reading using “The every day enchantment tarot” by Poppy Palin

  • I am offering three Romance readings to the first three people. I do need a short overview of your issue, your date-of-birth and if it is your other half you are enquiring about, I need their date-of-birth too.

    • please allow up to but no later than three days for me to complete your reading. I will post it ASAP....... stay safe all

  • this
    me: 11/18/1977
    him: 1/3/ 66

  • @Roma-Jayne
    Hi ~ I would love to have this reading

    We just broke up +- 3 weeks ago.
    Mine : 28 Jan 1992
    His : 31 March 1983

    Thank you !

  • @eska1234
    Within three days I will complete your reading

  • @gladyouwroteme
    Within three days I will complete your reading

  • @Roma-Jayne
    Sure thank you!

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  • @gladyouwroteme
    Ten of wands/ The chariot/ three of cups.
    Oh my gosh, In the past I can clearly see you here, looking very stressed out. Lots of things seem to require your attention but you have other worries. I feel there was feelings of a heavy workload, lots of tasks to complete and then a man you was seeing I see had someone else also or cheated. I feel you did speak to someone about how you felt and I see a tea tray here?, did you discuss this with someone whilst drinking tea, coffee, wine, in fact any liquid? I see someone moving away from this situation.
    Eight of cups/Queen of wands/King of cups
    Yes you walked away. Removed yourself from the situation. Bloody sad. Turned your back on something you loved. There seems to be some chaos of some kind that connects to this card.
    I see someone here walking away from a bowl of washing up. I think there may have been some kind of real sadness here, possibly neglecting things in other areas of your life because of how you were feeling. I feel this man said the right things, yes on the outset a nice man. I see children around him. I feel he was liked by children. In the deck I am using; the king of cups he has paint all over his shirt so I feel this card is telling me that this man was not afraid to get his hands dirty or there was a time when he did some painting. I feel he did care for you, I feel he saw you as sexy, someone whom he had emotions for. I get the feeling that you somehow you lit his fire.
    King of wands/ Nine of blades/ Ace of cups
    I can see you upset here though. The picture on poppy Palin’s Deck shows a woman, clearly in some stress. She sits with her perfectly painted nails cradling her face. Trying to hide how she feels. The clock says ten to ten. Is 10, 20 or the number 50 significant in any way to this situation? Was he always seeming to be doing things alone. Is it you who started to wonder if he actually needed you at all as he seemed to be doing everything and achieving everything by his own efforts not a joint one. Did you start to feel slightly excluded somehow from this mans plans.? A little left out, neglected or ignored. Now was there other people who took this mans side. Did you loose a few people when it ended with this man. Did he seem to walk away easily. Did it seem like nothing seemed to affect his life but you felt in some way it impacted on yours? Now the ace of cups in context. Did you ever think even if it was just a passing thought that you could actually marry this man. This was someone who You could potentially think about having kids with at some point in the future.
    Did you ever talk together about a commitment together.?Did all this go through your mind after.? Did you feel upset and angry that things had got to this point?
    The high priestess/Five of cups/Ten of blades
    Now.... mmmmmm!!!!
    I see you are very very intuitive. I see the first card the high priestess prominent at the top of the set of three cards. You knew something was not quite right for a long time. You had worked it all out. Did the way you think on a spiritual level actually help you overthrow this mess? You used your intuition and got out of it. Did this actually deepen your personal spirituality somehow. Did you seem to go deeper into yourself and this happening made you turn more to the spiritual teachings and crafts. I see real real sadness, some real introverted moments of absolute grief. Tears, sadness and the loss you felt was terrible. I feel you kept a lot to how you were feeling to yourself. You was treated terribly I feel. You were betrayed. I feel you were repeatedly betrayed, treated badly again and again. You had to deal with how you felt mostly on your own. I feel you choose it that way. Now I am not sure why there is a dog in this card the five of cups but it could either be saying a pet was of great comfort at this time or that there you were, heartbroken but still loyal to the very end.
    The sun/Judgement/King of blades
    You go girl!.... I see you strutting your stuff down the road. That glow of sunshine you radiate. Looking the part, putting on a brave face for the world. Admired for how you look. You are a trier and I think you have had to put a brave face on to the outside world. Keeping how you feel inside. It feels kind of solitary. Directly after all this, I feel you were spending a lot of solitary time alone. Independently alone. You turning your back on it all, leaving your ex and some other woman I see here to it. I see them indulging in some kind of reckless behaviour, now please do not get offended if I am not fully correct but yes, I feel drinking, possibly dabbling in drugs, which ultimately leads to sex. My advice to them would be “ you can’t party forever, what happens when the dust settles and reality kicks in. ? Same old same old I’d say to them. Did someone you or your ex partner know share something with you, some information that helped you to think clearly, that helped you to cut through the illusions and bring about truth and clarity?
    Empress/Queen of coins/Seven of wands
    Now there’s two different things I see here so it is either one, now firstly I do see issues that there was with a woman, she is older than you. More than likely a motherly type figure. Showing me that money means a lot to her, so does financial security. That you just cannot agree with her. I see both of you in battle with each other, trying to get your point across, to get the other person to listen to each other’s point of view. This I feel either connects in some way to your ex, I do not know why, at a guess I would ask you was it a close relative whom you had some kind of communication with around the time and after you were having difficulties in your relationship and it could be that what they were saying to you you did not agree with. You tried to put yours across and they would not budge on their view on things. Or is it a female that offered you something during those stressful times for you, yes, you could have been offered something but you did not accept as the two of you do not or did not see eye to eye. Definitely a mother type figure here as I see children.
    Now I feel you have or will meet someone. I do see he is a nice man, seems to say the right things. Little kind gestures off him I also feel. Now I see him busy building for his future, working hard here with his hands. I feel it is good and is something to move forward with. One who will move forward with you. I also see a lot of co operation off either his friends or family. This man is a definite team player. He works well with people.
    It’s been bloody painful for you though. Your heart has been hurt and I feel you do not want that happening again, I feel you do not want a wild reckless man who wants you just for passionate reasons. Your guard is still up a bit.
    Do not worry though as I see a bit of self sacrifice here though, you giving something up for something far greater.
    I can see in the future some kind of money coming in for your partner. I see rewards for his ventures. A decent amount of money.
    Now I feel this person, this man is marriage material. I feel he is a man who will provide for his family. Family are important to him. He will try hard to make them happy and he will work hard to provide that for them. I also feel that there will be a chance to take this to the next level and it could indicate making a commitment together. Moving it up the next level. I see happy times ahead.
    I would accept both positive and negative feed back as it all helps me improve.

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  • @Roma-Jayne could you do me? Mine is 12-12-80 and his is 6-24-1970. Thank you thank you! I want to know if we will stay ❤ together. Are you still offering readings?

  • @Roma-Jayne wow. yes, all spot on. We talked marriage, future, whole deal. I walked into his life at a wrong time. He felt a karmic connection to this woman and her children due to his childhood and relationship with his children...he was trying to redeem himself. it was so painful. I did walk away. He needed treatment. He needed soul retrieval. I've done my work as I was with him, which gave me a lot of strength, my guides always told me they were with me and had my back. I knew there was something going on...he denied for a long time and then I found her. She lied, he lied, it was a mess but I walked away. For me.

    I enjoy my solidarity. I've had 8 months alone. Luckily, I have a huge heart and I understand where he was coming from. I understand my shadows that led to me allowing it. My spidey senses are top notch. I have forgiven him. We are not together but we have a soul tie that I cannot explain in human terms. He is doing his part to seek treatment. I am proud of him for doing that. Until he can love himself, he will continue to feel unloved no matter where he seeks it.

    In another life time (and i'm certain we've done this a few times), I hope we get it right. ❤ Thank you... you hit the nail on the head.

    I"m not sure about the mother figure with money and children though, I can only think that's her (the other woman) as she was somewhat financially dependent on him. We talked a few times... I'm trying to forgive her's harder. but I"m trying. She's sly.

  • @Roma-Jayne could you please advise me of when I will find love 18/02/1986

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