Cards not working??????

  • I’m not sure where I went wrong or what happened but I was reading the RW deck for About 10 years and all of a sudden it just seemed to not work anymore. I picked up the I Ching since then because I just needed some thing which is actually pretty cool and I’m definitely into it but has anyone had any of this happen? One tool works and one apparently stays in the shed rusting for the time being?

  • People grow out of old methods once they evolve and learn. No one method will work for anyone all their life.

  • It could be time to look at things from a new perspective, have you thought about changing your Tarot deck, maybe Tarot de Marseille or a Thoth Tarot deck... Or buy another type of deck ... Have you always used only that one single Tarot deck ? I found my Tarot readings changed when I use a different deck... Maybe try Lenormand or playing cards, Sybilla or Kipper, there are so many different type of cartomancy ..... to try ...

    We sometimes get stale within ourselves and need a change ...

  • @MysteryMachine444
    You could be over asking things. I have got stagnated results when I keep asking the same thing over and over again. What I would do is either leave the cards out in a bowl over night in some salt or you could leave them out on a full moon window to recharge. You could hold them over some powerful incense ie; Frankincense and Myrrh. You could buy white sage sticks or incense and hold them in the smoke. Then you can put all the cards back in the correct order starting from zero the fool then reshuffle them for a few minutes. The other option is you obtain a new deck. You do not have to have just one deck. If you are trying to learn the cards though then it may be best you stick to one deck for now then it is easier to familiarise them.
    I have lots of different decks, I often get like I get sick of the one deck sometimes, I see my relationship with my cards like a love affair, I do get sick of them at times and just like in love after a break with them the interest soon comes back.

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