First three people to message, offering a shadow tarot reading.

  • would you like to see the shadow side to a problem you have. Let me reveal those things hidden, that you cannot clearly see. I reveal the truth that is hiding. The dark side of your problem. I read from two decks;
    The sinister tarot and the Dark Grimoire.
    When replying please state whether your issue is about love work or or something else.

  • @Roma-Jayne
    hi i am game for a reading?
    something else - a 3 1/2 problem which I am trying to sort.
    i need to rebuild the kitchen so it meets health & safety.

  • @Roma-Jayne can you please do a reading for me? My situation is being effected by covid 19, when will it be considered safe to see my kids again? My ex wants me to wait until our numbers in Ohio drop more. But i want to see them sooner rather than later. I feel like Im on two paths and not sure which one to take?

  • @Jayann ![alt text](image url)
    I am unsure if the pic has been taken properly as this was the card that dropped out as I was shuffling the dark grimoire deck. It is the nine of swords. Now the decks picture is of a man looking in the mirror and clearly horrified at the reflection that is looking back. Now I had not dealt the cards out and it fell out of the deck. I feel this card is telling me that there has been a lot of self reflection. Possibly a time where you have had to take a good look at yourself, maybe pondered on how your life is, what you want in the future and what you have achieved, where you are now. I feel there has been some questioning about how you thought or how you reacted to a recent issue. There is some uncertainty deep down as to whether you acted correctly, if you did the right thing. I cannot tell you the answer to that, only you would know but I do see . I feel You have questioned things. I think there was a point where you have not liked yourself over it, wondered why you reacted like you did. Should you have reacted differently?This could also be that someone has made you feel this way. I can also see that it could be somebody else, external elements that has caused you to question yourself. You asked about your planning problem and it is quite uncanny really because the Dark grimoire card (the nine of swords) shows like I said; a man looking at his reflection in the mirror but it also shows him in a room that resembles a bathroom. You see a jug on the side and no taps are in view. So I do see that it probably is not the end of your planning issues but I do feel that because it is the number nine tarot card that you will resolve the issues, not quite yet as it is the nine not number ten but it is nearing the end for you. I can see some kind of book here in the bathroom, it is right underneath this man in the tarot cards picture but he is not looking at it, he is ignoring it. I think you need to look through the paperwork again, not sure why but you need to read it. Maybe it is saying that there may be some clue to a resolve by looking over papers, some pamphlet, booklet or written plans you have. That the answers are already there you just need to pick through the information you already have. I’m I can also see steam in a mirror on this card so double check anything you are modifying or have plans to put in your bathroom. There may be a problem with steam. This could also be Blood pressure rising over bathroom issues but like I said you are on the number nine card so I feel yes swords represent communication so I also feel there will be more talks which will eventually bring resolve. Now I see a painful ending with a man whom you did love, he loved you too I see. I see he looks preoccupied about external things. He is not looking in your direction he is deep in thought. Lost interest. Thinking about other things. Yes, I feel he is a bit of a daydreamer. Now I see someone here having to keep the other person at a distance, but I do feel there was great love.... now I am not sure how to interpret these cards but I feel that there was an ending. One person being left .Then I am not sure if there was a chance to reunite and one party decided “no” as although they loved the person they knew it was not a good idea. Too much like drama I feel. Or that one person walked away and it was difficult for the other person to leave them alone. It feels like drama, too many people involved.
    Now has there been talks about starting something new? Taking a new direction a journey. I see two other people here who you may have been speaking to or they have been speaking to you about it. I think it looks quite an exiting thought. Things are to be revealed to you though about this, something will come to light be revealed. In a very quick manner.

  • @TulipLilly
    Yes I will look for you.

  • @TulipLilly
    I have chosen not to use the Dark Grimoire or The sinister Tarot as they are very dark. Instead I choose to use The light seers tarot which I feel is more light, more happy and more positive therefore I feel more appropriate to your concerns. Now I feel you may still be met with opposition from your baby dad. I can see you on the light seers four of cups a woman sitting there, seems preoccupied within her own thoughts and not happy, dissatisfied with the situation. I also see you still meeting with opposition. The light seers card of strength you have here also and the picture is of a beautiful woman half lion half human face, she holds a lamb. So I feel this is saying you will have to use some of your strength against your baby dads opposition, his resistance to you seeing your children at this point in time. I see you keep trying to get to see your kids but more than likely you having to wait. The picture on the Light seers five of wands is a group of people who are aimlessly trying to reach the top of the card but they cannot quite get there. They are really using their energy to try but are failing.cannot quite get there. So the wands I feel represent action and movement but the card shows me not yet. So how I see it is you will still be trying every way you possibly can to see your children but you may have to wait as you will be met with opposition and from what you told me I think this could be your baby dad. The wait is not that long though, yes I see a delay but how I see it is; you get the cards which show you being met with opposition but the next line shows me that you receive your wish. The Ace of coins in your reading and in the position it is tells me you will get your earthly wish ( I feel this is seeing your children) and as I say, it shows up soon after opposition. So in a nut shell it is saying that I feel there may be a delay in your wish as I feel you will be met with opposition by someone and I feel this could be your baby dad. I do see your eventual wish of seeing your children but you more than likely will have to wait a bit more time yet. Now there are some numbers here that may be significant to you in some way; the number 9, 10, 7 or 17.
    Ahhhh I hope you get a resolve soon. Stay safe.

  • @Roma-Jayne thanks! my boyfriend has a low immune system and hes recuperating from surgery. I have a low immune system with my asthma..So we are waiting to see them till the covid 19 virus dies down. But it is very hard, I really miss them and they miss me. Im not sure how long I can hold out. Im trying to wait patiently for situation in our area to improve first. Those numbers could be dates or mean something else. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it😄✌

  • @Roma-Jayne
    so much to say
    My problem started in Sept 2016 with the actions of a support worker and i have had to live with the consequences, My Kitchen has health and safety issues and I am hoping that by getting planning permission I could rebuild it so it better meets my needs. I would have to go back to basics, empty room.
    I lost all my confidence as a result oh the support workers actions.
    At the end of 2018 I suddenly fell apart and was forced to look at my life. I discovered how alone my life is with no one with an invested interest in my life. Also how my dreams. needs and wants from childhood never came to fruition. I do not feel I have achieved anything in my life.
    I think the man is my ex. When we got together he was married. We broke up and about 5 years later we got together again. Some years later I was diagnosed with an incurable medical condition when he suddenly told me to let him go. He was very nasty, hurtful but said that he we could go out when he returned from where ever in about two years . I missed him like hell and realized that as much as I needed him and wanted him and adjusted my needs and wants from the relationship I was nothing to him certainly not a friend. Out of the blue after two years I received a phone call asking me out. Something was missing but decided to say yea for old time sake when he took over the conversation. I never got the courage to tell him I would meet him for a drink but I would meet him there and leave by myself. I felt that he would do the same thing again. Two years later he texted me saying how difficult his life was and I wanted to help but my life was so different and while I wanted to help i did not have a relationship with him. At the end of that year he cut all connections with me. I always felt a connection to him it was like we were telepathic. 2018 suddenly I started thinking about constantly until i though I was going mad. I still miss him as I have never met anyone like him before or since.
    Being ill has changed my outlook and forced me to be very practical so everything in my life has to work, no longer am i willing to invest my resources and receive nothing in return. That means control.
    So you see your reading is so ...
    take care and stay safe.

  • @Roma-Jayne hi! I would like to have a reading done as well if you don't mind it! Love and light xx

  • @Jodomi
    I will do you a reading within 3
    days for you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Roma-Jayne thanks, I look forward to it! Love and light x

  • @Roma-Jayne hi dear x just wondering if I could get my reading if youre alright! Love and light x

  • @Jodomi
    Some is up with @Roma-Jayne as she has not been on the site since she replied that you would get the reading within 3 days

  • @Jayann I wonder what happened!

  • @Jayann I hope she is okay

  • @Jodomi
    I have no idea just noticed from her profile that she has not been online.

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