Anybody want to be included in my 7/5/20 flower moon spell favourable requests are abundance, prosperity, healing, jobs and careers

  • Hello everyone, would anybody be interested in being included in my upcoming flower moon spell that I will do on the seventh of may at 6.45am. Requested blessings I shall kindly ask the universe for. Things favourable at this time are for abundance, prosperity, healing careers and jobs. Please no avarice or malice requests. Now before we start seven days before you must try and do good, think good, try not to do anything hateful. Sometimes it is difficult as we are all only humans but you need to prepare yourself as you are asking for a blessing from the universe. I ask is on that day, does not matter the time but after 6.45am, prior please wash and dry your hands. Sit or stand or lie in a quiet space and close your eyes. Now take a breath in and slow deep breath out. Focus on your heart area and thoughts of pure peace and love. Now Clear your mind for a while then start to visualise a recent good deed you did and then think of your wish. Now I cannot promise anything as as the universe decides. For anybody wishing to ask what god or Idol I work with, I do not work with any god or idol. I ask the universe only and with pure light in my heart. So send me your name and I shall include you in the spell and my only request is for you to perform the tasks I explained earlier of you on the specific week and then on the day.

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