need help to understand a 3 card spread for a friend, that I can't make sense about.

  • I'd love a bit of help if possible? I'm very new to tarot cards but have been interested, in doing them for a very long time and have done a few accurate readings, but as you can imagine I'm still getting round to answering and understanding them, im starting at the bottom and using a 3 card spread, i did only use to do celtic cross, but the spread today I did for a friend really through me. Love a bit of help if possible.

  • @Immortalcenturion
    If you tell me what three cards you dealt out then I may be able to help. As for spreads, layouts of cards, me personally I feel there is nothing set in stone. Yes, the Celtic cross is a popular spread but you can make your own up. Me personally, I have been reading the tarot for 36 years and I tend to stick to one layout. I deal out a lot of cards, three horizontal lines of 12 and then one signifier ( ie; I am a mature water sign so I would use the queen of cups) I put the signifier at the top of the reading, higher than the other cards. Then as I said, I deal out three lines of 12 cards starting from the top left and dealing them out one by one to your right. I then read the cards downwards, so the first card on the top row and the first card on the second row and the first card on the third row. So in downward lines in sets of three cards. I see each one of the three cards like a page in a book and the joined three cards like a chapter. You though if a novice then I feel should do smaller layouts, I’d do three rows and each row having three cards, plus a signifier at the top. Try what I do and see each row of three cards like triplets, you interlink them, see it as each card as a page and and the three together being a chapter. The first downward line representing the past the second the present and the third line the future. If you felt confident enough you could pull one last card out as a summing up card. So for example say if you did a reading for someone and all the cards seemed more negative but then your final outcome, the extra card was the sun you would be sure that despite all the negativity you see in the reading you would know that the sun is saying everything will be okay. Brighter days ahead. If by any chance all the cards seem negative ones and so you then pull one last card out in the hope it is a positive one but instead this card is also negative, proceed to deal every card in the rest of the deck one by one until you come to a more positive card. Look how many cards approximately you had to deal out before you reached that positive card. So therefore if you have dealt lots before you found a positive card then you know yes things may be bad now and it will take time for things to get better but they will and in A LONGER period of time but if a more positive card is one of the first cards to be dealt out the remaining deck then you also can be sure that yes, things are bad now but in a relatively SHORT period of time things will get better. I Hope it helps

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