Stressed again - three card reading

  • Stressed again so tried doing doing a three card reading
    Got self the chariot - victory but looks like Viking riding two sphinx,
    situation death - some is coming to an end but looks like riding into battle
    opportunity - two of coins looks like jester.
    so what is the spread telling me.

  • @Jayann hi Jayann, I’m going on your interpretation of the cards.

    You - The CHARIOT looks like riding the two Sphinxes
    With your situation and stress, do you feel you are being pulled in two different directions and your not sure which way you should go.....which is adding stress and confusion to your mind........choose to ride one of those Sphinxes in the direction that does not lead you into battle ( situation DEATH riding into battle ) but leads you to the place of letting it go and transforming your situation....which will lead you back to a grounded balanced unconfused mind ( opportunity TWO of COINS ).

    Remember this is a important issue as two of those cards are major Arcana cards so you need take it seriously what these two Archetypes are hinting at you on a soul and spirit level.

    All the best and I hope this helps your situation.

  • @Jayann
    an hour after I published the above I received an e-mail from tarot,com as follows:

    Hey Jayann,

    Get ready, because an important message is coming through loud and clear -- and you NEED to hear it! You're going to like what's coming -- but there could be a surprising twist. Don’t get caught off guard!


  • @Elke
    thank you so much for interpreting the reading
    What you have said makes a lot of sense therefore a lot of help
    take care and stay safe

  • @Jayann
    Here is my interpretation of your cards that you dealt out; I see a time in your life where you really did not know how this path you was on was going to pan out, you felt that your life was a little wild and out of control somehow. Yes you were managing things but it seemed to be taking a lot of effort to keep things stable. Then it ended, it was painful but you felt more at peace. You could rest a little. Now though you have a choice, and now this bumpy path you were on has ended, you are now left with two different options, two different things you could do, but at the moment you are unsure which one to take. You are still deciding. You are juggling a decision as to which choice to make based on the fact you just want peace, to feel more grounded. You want something that enriches your life. Gives you more balance and more stability.

  • @Jayann
    Your welcome Jayann, and thank you for the reply.
    Stay safe and and think good thoughts.

  • @Jayann
    Honestly if you’re stressed it’s a horrible time to read for yourself. Try settling down first and ask for guidance. Never do an emotional reading on yourself is my advice.

  • @Roma-Jayne
    Thank you for your reply
    Like Elke your interpretation is very helpful and true.
    my mind is working of several options.
    Take care and stay safe,

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