Lover coming back

  • I recently got nine of cups, two of Wands and page of cups when I asked if my lover is going to come back in my life but I am unable to make sense out of it. Need help. 😞

  • @ Pallavi_24__
    Here is my interpretation of your dealt cards;
    Yes, I do see him returning to you at some point. I feel this will probably be in an unexpected manner, meaning probably when you expect it least. Seeming to be a bolt out the blue. Occurring in a quick manner. I feel this is the case as the nine of cups is often called the wish card. I feel at the time he returns he will have and show a lot of excitement and masculine energy. I see you experiencing feelings of happiness and Contentment. A mending of bridges that produce feelings of contentment. The page of cups also Often indicates a message of love coming to you and I feel it will be out of the blue.
    Best of luck and peace and love to you.

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