What is Your Dream Wedding Dress Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

  • Capricorn
    The Capricorn bride doesn’t look for a fairy-tale dress. She likes a classic style.

    The bride’s outfit: A grey or white dress to modestly show off her curves.

    The Aquarius bride likes exoticism. An original outfit on her special day suits her perfectly.

    The bride’s outfit: A dress that mixes colours and textures (like seafoam green on red frills) and a hat.

    The Pisces bride needs to dream. The wedding ceremony has to be like one from a fairy-tale.

    The bride’s outfit: The traditional white dress, long but light-weight, that gives her an air of serenity, with some diamonds in her hair.

    The Aries bride feels sexy when she is the centre of attention. She wants to be the main attraction of the ceremony.

    The bride’s outfit: A long, red dress with a plunging neckline or even a bare back.

    The Taurus bride is gentle, refined, and cares deeply for her family.

    The bride’s outfit: A white dress with detailed lace paired with a hat, or even a dress that’s been passed down through the generations.

    The Gemini bride is forever a young soul. She aims for originality and wants it to be noticed during the ceremony.

    The bride’s outfit: A colorful and quirky gown, with a mixture of textures and volumes.

    The Cancer bride is elegant and sweet. Her husband can’t help but notice her charming romanticism.

    The bride’s outfit: A pastel-coloured dress (in pale pink or blue), curved, with lace. A tiara crown of flowers posed in her hair.

    The Leo bride steals the spotlight on her special day almost like a queen.

    The bride’s outfit: A modern, red corset dress detailed with pearls, and a hat.

    The Virgo bride is shy and seeks discretion during her wedding ceremony.

    The bride’s outfit: A long, white dress, modestly-cut, with a veil. Her hair is worn in a braided bun.

    The Libra bride longs for romance and seduction. During the ceremony, she wants admiration like that of a princess.

    The bride’s outfit: A long, corseted robe made of silk and lace, and a flower crown in her hair.

    The Scorpio bride hopes to distinguish herself during the ceremony by adopting a sexy and original look.

    The bride’s outfit: A curved dress in red or black, short, with a bare back or a pretty neckline.

    The Sagittarius bride is a true adventurer. She likes practical dresses and puts her look together on the day of the ceremony.

    The bride’s outfit: A white jumpsuit, light and slim, her hair braided.

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