Does your Zodiac sign wan love or lust?

  • Capricorn
    To be honest, being masters of investment and patience, Capricorns aren’t really the type to date if they don’t see any long-term potential to the relationship. On the occasions that they do, they take life as it comes in the moment without any thought of the future. In love, however, a Capricorn will naturally start envisaging a future with their partner 10 years from now.
    Rivalled only by Sagittarius as the most commitment-phobic zodiac sign, emotionally, Aquarius similarly takes a very hands-off approach to dating. They’ll be reluctant to be 100% themselves if there is any doubt that they aren’t their kindred soul. When they do find love with the right person, they’ll readily show off all the small weird and wacky parts of them that no one really knows about.
    In a relationship based on lust, a Pisces will always feel like they need to modify themselves or even hide aspects of their personality. They’re open but a part of them will always feel like they’re being slightly restrained. In love, their guard drops and they feel can show off all of themselves to their partners, both the amazing highs and the intense lows.
    While someone’s personality and appearance may be catch their attention, an Aries in lust won’t have the patience or desire to involve themselves in sentimental issues or things they care about. When in love however, Aries are keen to learn as much about them, but also from them. They suddenly feel like it’s the two them against the world.
    As such sensual people, a Taurus will never be the first to turn down physical intimacy. If it is just lust, this will be the only level of intimacy which feels completely comfortable to them. In love, on the other hand, Taurus feel like they’ve found both their best friend and lover – happy just to be in their presence for as long as possible.
    Masters of communication and arguably the most talkative zodiac sign, Geminis can hold a conversation with anyone and the most notable difference between lust and love comes in this area. It’s only when a Gemini is in love that they will instinctively lower their guard and open up about sensitive subjects and their emotion
    Anyone close to a Cancer can tell when they’re in love rather than lust. When it’s just a casual fling, Cancers tend to keep information close to their chest and keep them separate from other areas of their life, for the fear of things going wrong. When they’re in love, they want to show off their partner as much as possible and introduce them to family and friends.
    As image-conscious people, Leos will always try to make sure they look the part, especially if they’re meeting someone they’re lusting after. This indicates that they aren’t completely secure around this person. Only when in love is a Leo prepared to show off all aspects of themselves, even when they’re looking and feeling at their lowest point.
    Virgos just can’t help their tendency to view people critically and see the flaws in them. In moments of lust, they’ll simply overlook these flaws for a period as they subconsciously know that the affair has an expiration date. In contrast, a Virgo in love will want to help better the other person and will be honest but accepting of their flaws. These faults eventually become points of admiration anyways.
    Libras will know the feeling of lust all too well being the most superficial zodiac sign, so the distinction should be clear to them. With lust, the physical attraction may be strong but there will only be a short period of gratification as they realise the relationship lacks any substance. In love, a Libra will feel both an intense physical and moral attraction which empowers them and boost their confidence.
    Experts of seduction, Scorpios know how to play it when it’s just lust. They keep their mysterious guard, saying what people want to hear and just keeping things light in general. When they have a deep connection to someone, they open themselves up and allow themselves to appear vulnerable in front of them. They’ll want to confident them with both their secrets and emotions.
    Lust tends to be a lot more common to Sagittarius than love as evidenced by their completely non-committal attitude. They like to keep things exciting and fun but rarely ever emotional. When they do eventually fall in love, it’s a novel feeling which consumes them and makes them prioritize their partner’s needs over many of their own.

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