Pisces being a slippery fish

  • Hi Captain!
    I’ve been really disappointed with my Pisces lately. We’ve had a very action-packed month filled with fun dates, conversations and passion. We both felt the connection from day 1. I had to leave back home to a different county, he was eager to come visit me ASAP but covid-19 happened. We continued texting, calling, and kept things going from afar. He would say he misses me and that he likes my spirit and how unique I am (I’m an Aquarius if that matters). And then all of us sudden he started responding to my texts 10-24 hours later or not responding at all. His daily “good mornings” vanished into a thin air. I didn’t bother him: texted once, got a short response 2 days later. Then waited for 3 more days and sent a link to an article about something we discussed earlier = no reaction...

    Now in quarantine he’s supposed to have more time on his hands, meaning more time for communication but he completely shut down on me (though he’s always online)

    I’m puzzled and confused. Is there something in the air (water in his case)? Or it’s simply the case of a man who’s just not that into me. I’m getting this vibe that there might be a third party involved.

  • Yes I also feel he is talking to someone else - several in fact.

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