On my mind..BluMoon

  • Haven't been here for awhile. Back w a question regarding the friend who got my attention. Had a dream recently that closed all doors...just think about him from time to time. A family member working close. This family member was in dream before I knew they were close by. I was walking w the family member and they saw him in his car and she got in and drove off. If spirit is telling me full circle what does that mean. I expect something will come back complete. I know you can channel his energy just curious. I'm fine been working on my art work. Hoping to produce a calendar this yr. I'm just working one job. It takes getting used to
    I often feel as tho I'm not doing or accomplishing enough. Would like to hear how you're doing and Watergirl. I know you both have the psychic gift. Anything you pick up for me. Middle Feb was a hard time no real catalyst except tired. Setting goals still bored. Love

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