Complicated love reading

  • I ve a best friend in clg nd we used to spent most of our time together nd eventually i feel like i ve feelings for him nd i feel he too ve some feelings for me but he akwayz deny it nd now he has started ignoring nd not talking to me as we had a fight abt it that he jst want me as a frnd also m confused foes he likes someone else nd i jst dnt know what to do to get him back nd make me fall for him also he is a gemini born on 4 june nd i was born on 6 june please help me!

  • This was only ever meant to be a friendship - you felt the attraction of someone who was very like you. You probably spent the time talking your heads off with each other. The question is: Did you talk to each other or at each other? Listening is a challenge here, and listening is at least half of the communicative process. Furthermore, since both of you have your own, highly individual language, comprehension between you may not have been high. Your verbal communication can never make up for the lack of physical, emotional and even spiritual communication. Nothing will more quickly put a damper on ecstatic sexual or romantic experiences than talking them to death, or analyzing them - either during or after. Marriage would be hectic, even frenetic or, occasionally, hysterical. This would not be a good romantic match.

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