0911 DOB with 22 as life path number

  • I want to reach out to the numerology community and try to get your prospective, in some way to confirm what I think I may already know. My date of birth is 09/11, my life path number is 22. How rare is this? Having a master number for both life path and birth day. Also, on a side note, I recently had a spiritual awakening, where I found out that I am a starseed with pledian origin (from my life, I knew I was different but never know why). I studied chemical engineering in college and my profession now is in quality compliance for a medical device company, part of my job is to ensure the company is meeting global regulations. Thank you for your insights. Best. W.

  • Master numbers are fairly rare but not heavily so. I am a master number myself. You have the choice of living either a 4 or 22 lifestyle. Master numbers are hard to live up to.

  • very rare numbers you have

  • It only becomes a master number by combining your whole birthdate. Individual numbers such as the month or day are thus not master numbers.

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