Cancer man left me

  • I’ve had an on/off relationship with this man for about 3 years now and he’s decided to walk away from me. I’ve been through ALOT with this man ..infidelity problems..but I stayed in hopes that he would get his act together. During a lot of our “off” moments I’ve given a few people My number which led to a few dates. I was honest with him about it and now he holds those things against me as if he was this faithful man that was all about me. He’s flipped it on me and actually made me feel like I did something wrong by keeping my options open as that’s what he’s doing. He has came out and told me about two other women that are “in love with him” one having the same name as I DO!!! Crazy right? I really love this guy I’m a very forgiving person which is why I stayed..I want to know if he wake up and realize that he has a good girl On his hands. Do cancer men come back?

  • Not if he has decided you do not live up to the ideal person in his head - ie his mother.

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