Cancer man

  • Hey guys, so I’ve met this cancer man online last year and we have been ‘together’ 7 months... we have had a few really big fights and we always found our way back to each other until our last fight. He asked me due to lockdown happening that we should take things slower just until we know how long it’s going to be and he knows his going to get frustrated with not seeing me and he really doesn’t want to fight as he doesn’t know if we will survive another fight... and then he told me that his not saying let’s end it but just take it slower due to lock down happening... me being a Leo obviously reacted telling him I’m not a light switch and can’t just put my feelings off and then back on again... so it turned out to be a fight but obviously he didn’t reply ... I waited a week and sent him a message asking what is happening this has been the longest we have gone without speaking and I asked him if he wants to be with me and his reply “I wanted this and wanted it to work but not anymore” and I left it... I then asked him a few days later is it someone else and he didn’t reply and we still haven’t spoken to each other going a week now since my last message... we spoke about being marriage material and having kids to this what must I do... I feel numb like I can’t eat, sleep or function properly it feels like I’ve lost so much... will he come back???

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