The Star and Four of Cups Combination in a Feelings/Friendship/Relationship Reading

  • I had a reading done on my situation with someone who has been a very close friend but now is barely around. Stronger feelings seemed to be developing but I did not act on them due to the circumstances and made the other person believe I only saw them as a friend and they seemed to get slightly hurt by it at the time but the reason I did not act on our feelings was that the person had someone else at the time. It is also likely that the person stopped liking me for something I said or done or even got bored of me. All of those explanations are equally likely and therefore I cannot find the right interpretation to this particular combination. There have been more cards but those two represented us. The Star was my card and the Four of Cups his.

    Any ideas how to interpret those?

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  • @SandraT
    Here is what I see..... I feel the sun card in this situation represents illumination, clarity, highlighting, shining a light on things that includes relationships. The brightest light is on, you can see everything very clearly. Also there is a childish figure on the horse ( Rider Waite card). I feel the four of cups in this situation is giving me the feeling of refusing something but being a bit of a spoilt brat. Look at the three cups already on the floor, no wonder the person in the picture is refusing the one cup being offered to him as he already has a choice; three other cups exactly the same as the one offered to him. So I feel in your situation based on what you have said is;
    He has obviously thought about this and feels he has more clarity on the situation and sees that you have seen him for what he is. I feel he probably just wants to play around a bit. I feel that he also has choices but never seems satisfied with what he’s got or being offered. Maybe he thinks that is exactly how you feel about things. So yes, basically I think his mindset is just to play around a bit, have fun. I think he knows you see exactly that and feel is he a man that never seems satisfied with what he has got and wonder if he would be exactly like that with you eventually. Can I ask if there were similarities to his partner and you as I also get the feeling of.... him chasing something what he already had and once acquired, looses interest. There is also a feeling I get as though he thinks that you do not really want him, you have no interest in him so what is the point therefore because he has been rejected Its sort of “well I am going to act like a spoiled brat ..... and anyway I do not want to settle down, just want fun and to play a bit.” It could also be the other way around though and it could actually be him that thinks you refused him and you have no interest, that you have got choices, had offers and that it is you that wants to just enjoy yourself not get too serious with anybody and have fun. Just out of interest? Are you younger than him?

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