Desperatly need help interpreting please!!!

  • Hello my name is Stacy I am new to using the tarot cards and I did a spread for myself but i am really having trouble interpreting it and need help please! recently I have been going through alot and have been feeling very confused and lost.I really need some advice and guidance! Okay so let me tell you a little about my situation. I have been dating the same guy for almost 5 years. we have a 20 month old little girl and I am about to have another in 3 weeks.My boyfriend and I separated 3 months ago because we were having a lot of problems. Since we have separated I have been devistated, lost and been feeling incomplete! I would like for us to work things out eventually and reconcile our relationship but sometimes i don know how he feels or what to do and i get discouraged and depressed! Everytime i try to move on or let go of him and the relationship something pulls me back and i just cant seem to let go! i dont know why! So I recently did a celtic cross spread but i am new to reading tarot cards and am having difficulty interpreting it to myself. I could really use some help interpreting it and It would be greatly appreciated if someone could help!!!

    The question i asked was "should i keep on trying to work things out with him or should i move on?" and again it was a celtic cross spread!

    1. knight of wands

    2. 9 of wands

    3. 10 of cups

    4. 5 of cups

    5. knight of pentacles

    6. strength

    7. high preistess

    8. knight of cups

    9. lovers

    10. 2 of swords

    Thank you!!

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