A Leo confuses me!!

  • How can I make a Leo fall in love but by sms?
    I like a Leo man and we have talked for almost 4 months. I had already confessed my feelings to him a few months ago and he reciprocated but certain events happened that I ended up telling him to stay as friends and he agreed. But after that he stopped talking to me for no reason and he didn't talk to me again after a few weeks, from that day on we talked normal but only by chat bc of quarantine.

    And I still like him but I don't know how he feels, I don't know how to be able to gain confidence with him and be able to have more topics of conversation because sometimes he becomes a bit dry, one of the reasons why I decided to stay as friends (sometimes he showed interest and other times he didn't) , because I felt that we did not know each other well enough to try something. Even when he has the opportunity to leave me read or unread because sometimes I am also dry with him, he does not, somehow it is me who makes a topic of conversation and we continue talking.

    I really need help bc he confuses me a lot. 😖

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