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    Hi dear

    I want to ask about one of my relatives.. I talked to him about my feeling that I love him and he also said that he likes me but we are not talking alot because of some family reasons.. My DOB 21/03/1984 and HIS 23/07/1979
    What is his real feeling towrad me and if there is marriage with him or with someone else?


  • This can be an exciting and deeply personal relationship, one that is focused on being yourselves and expressing highly individual emotions. Both of you can bring to it the gifts of intuition, passion and empathy. In combination, these gifts can reinforce each other, and the relationship can further contribute with a high degree of mental and physical compatibility. The matchup, then, should be marked by easy communication and sensuous enjoyment. It will never place undue demands on the two of you, since there will always be a free and easy exchange between you. Neither person will ever have to make excuses for their behaviour or to suppress their basic instincts.

    This combination’s easygoing nature will make any type of relationship involving it likely to succeed. On balance, though, it is best suited to love and friendship. As lovers, the two of you will generally feel good about the relationship and will for the most part be satisfied. You have a silent enjoyment and understanding of each other - you are basically on the same wavelength. Here just a look tells the whole story. In such a relationship, love and affection may be expressed in an easy way, without overt displays of emotion or a need to impress others. Marriage can be successful, too, as long as a stable financial and emotional foundation is established. Providing this kind of security will take some work, and both of you may have to give up some individual freedom and set some limits on your impulsiveness.

    You must both be careful, however, not to give up too many of your individual prerogatives, particularly when it comes to other people. You have a need and a desire to share with each other, and you may well be open enough to share a circle of mutual friends. It is also possible, however, that jealousy and possessiveness may surface as undermining factors. Putting the relationship first while also keeping certain areas of your lives private and exclusive will provide the needed stability.

    Mona, you have a tendency to prefer your own company to the company of other people, but ultimately you will be happiest when you find a partner who is your equal in intelligence and independence. You may prefer the hunt to the capture but, when you do give your heart to someone, it will usually be forever.

    Your love interest can be overly compassionate at times and needs to ensure other people don't take advantage of him. He can also be too self-sacrificing and he may pay attention to everyone else's physical and emotional needs but his own. When it comes to expressing his feelings, he can be incredibly shy. He may not even consciously know what he feels for you as he is unused to thinking of himself first. So he may put his own affairs aside until this family problem is resolved and everyone is happy Though he is very home and family-oriented and undoubtedly wants one of his own, he needs to hold out for a partner who is willing and able to give as well as take.

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