An aquarius ex

  • I still love my ex from all my heart .
    He is an aquarius and im a libra . Sometimes he is really sweet even after he broke up with me and treats me as tho I am still his gf but other times he is so rude and harsh . How can make him love me again just the way he did before and stop being rude with me . He keeps on saying bye and then returning saying I missed you but after day or so he becomes rude again .

  • You cannot change anyone else's behaviour or attitude, only your own. This guy is showing you that he can be rude and harsh when he doesn't feel like behaving nicely. You must deal with the reality of this relationship and not the fantasy. You have to decide if that sort of treatment - on/off moodiness - is something you can put up with or would it be better to try and find someone who will treat you like you deserve. (I advise you to do the latter.) You are in love with this man's good side, but his bad side turns you off. Find someone who is the whole nice package and who will make you feel good all the time.

  • @Meow I totally agree with what captain said.

    This guy is using you and playing mind games, he seems to enjoy it, don’t waste your time on this person he has no respect for you.

    Make your personal happiness a priority, take time out and have a really good think about what type of man do I want ie....... someone who is kind, funny, hardworking, respectful etc.... don’t settle for second best,
    You definitely don’t want someone like this person is treating you.

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