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  • So the question of the reading was if I would reconcile with my ex. The cards that were drawn are.

    1. King of cups
    2. The hierophant
    3. The empress
    4. Justine
    5. The hanging man
    6. Eight of swords

  • @Valery26
    What deck did you use? was there a specific spread? If so what was the layout? what was the specific positions for each card...

    These things are important to the context of the cards with the meanings as the cards can offer so many different suggestions,

  • @Valery26
    How I see it is: You obviously love this man and I feel he also loves you too deep down. I feel there was a lot of emotions experienced in this relationship and I see when it was good it was good but possibly there was a lot of emotional issues within it. Now I come to your question; firstly I tell all the people I read for that deep down you should already know the answer to your question but it is probably clarification that you are looking for? Please listen to your intuition. Now I can only tell you what I see, we all have free will to change things though as this is your future you are asking about not the present or the past. So, to me this is the likely outcome of the situation if you choose to return to your ex.
    If you were to get back together then I do see a commitment, this could be a marriage, engagement or just a blessing between the two of you but why do I get the feeling of something hidden though?
    I can also see a pregnancy, a baby or being a mother figure in all this, so either a pregnancy for yourself or being mother to his kids (that is if he has kids).
    I do see YOU trying to do things right, being that loving nurturing partner and your partner also seeing you as this. The good wife, that loving female who cares and nurtures the homemaker.
    I can see the future of this though with you feeling that you want more of a balance within the relationship, you trying to balance things out better. Was things out of balance before and therefore was something that helped to end the relationship first time around? Did you feel there was something off balance within your relationship? For example did you feel he was spending more time with others than with you or was it he seemed to be working more than spending time with you? So I feel if you both were to get back together then this is what is needed, more of a balance than there was previously. Otherwise things will eventually be how they were before but possibly worse if there were to be a baby in the picture.
    Now yes I can see you having feelings of being stuck once again. There are feelings of some self sacrifice here, meaning something needs to be changed, let go of. Your may say these changes are impossible but there feels an element of choosing to stay the same way. Yes the hanged man card shows his one leg is tied to the tree but his hands are free... all he has to do is untie it. It is also saying to me that you also have the freedom to release yourself from this also.
    Now I also feel you will Somehow begin to see things in a different light as time moves on more clear about things but choosing to remain in that unsatisfying state of imbalance.
    I am sorry as this may not be what you want to hear but I can only tell you what my interpretation is of your cards. I am most certainly not telling you what to do, you must make that decision yourself.
    I can see you having feelings of being stuck and you really needing to open your eyes to some truth. Is it that you think having a baby will stabilise things? I personally do not think this would be the case. I feel this will only make you feel more obliged to stay in this situation and feel stuck within the situation.
    I feel it would end with the same old same old and the cards are telling me you should really let go.
    Peace and love and all the best for the future.

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