Please help me with interpretation

  • Hello,

    I've got a reading from a nice reader and I am trying to understand it better. Question was about connection to someone. Two of us.

    First 3 cards were: 6 of pentacles, two of cups, 6 of wands. I understand that it means equal relationship and success. I dont know if it speaks of the future?

    Second row was five of pentacles, strenght, 9 of wands. Does it mean I am holding on to it even if I am abandoned. Or if the question is about two people, does it mean that both of us is not giving up.

    Third was justice, the moon and 8 of cups. This one I don't understand. Maybe it means I will walk away, not sure.

    Also, these cards seem platonic. Oracle cards as advice spoke about love.

    My Main problem with inerpretation is which part is speaking about possible outcome. The reader said that this relationship will become more equal. Does it mean the first part of the reading is about solution and everything below is describing problems /Past?

    I will be grateful for any advice.


  • @Brbra
    Hi.. here is my personal view on things, this is how I see it. How I feel it will be.
    There will be Some choice made in love and it Will cause some sadness, I see somebody here sitting experiencing being afraid of being alone. One person walking away I feel. For a while though I think you will choose to ignore things, refuse to see the truth and I see it will end in sadness. Somebody removes themselves from this love situation. They choose to. They could return but choose not to. I feel one person will be more unhappy with the situation than the other. I do see a lot of love here though ah it has given me a chill, I can feel the emotion. Two hands entwined sharing happy times, sharing love but I can feel a lot of emotions too. I feel there was two sides to your partner, this loving caring I’ll look after you kind of feeling but I can also see this other side which I feel could be a bit bossy and possibly wanting things their way. I feel sometimes strength will be needed to cope with their behaviour. There is definitely two sides to this man. Now I see you turning your back on this man, you have to. I see you still standing up though and feel you may still have to have your guard up. I can see better times for you ahead of this. A time when you will feel great that you turned your back and can now start to see some kind of light. Justice and the moon card Trying to be more balanced than how you were.Trying to stabilise your life a bit more.I can see there will have been some deceit and lies and the truth hidden but it’s come to light, the moon reveals hidden truths. A time where everything just seems to be going wrong. Like you are floating aimlessly not sure of it all. I see tears and emotions. The good thing is though, I feel you will turn your back, I can see you looking to the future, possibly a little unsure but nevertheless there is light. I can see more of a balance for you. Feeling more balanced. Now You have got the strength, the courage and the determination to turn your back on all this emotion and although I feel there has been or will be some kind of a financial loss that the scales tell me you will get justice. The scales will balance in your favour. It may be scary and painful at the time but things will be alright.Peace and love to you.

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