Dark shadow

  • On one night while sleeping i had a nightmare that i woke up and sat up on my bed and a grey dark shadow passed right in front of me really fast. and i couldnt speak i tried calling my boyfriend and he couldnt hear me. and when i was laying back i woke up and i started to breathe again.

    and i realized that everything that was placed in my dream was the same way when i woke up. like the fan next to me and my phone and also the closet door cracked open..

    Can you please tell me what it meant or what that dark shadow was? and what was it trying to say to me?

  • When a shadow crosses your path at night, it generally refers to someone who has passed away wanting to give you information to help you in a time of need.

    If this had happened to me, I would take it as a warning to be more aware of my surroundings at night before sunset comes, checking the outside around my home, the windows and doors so as to protect myself. Closing curtains and blinds repels peeping Toms, and if you ordinarily leave windows uncovered, it could be a message telling you of the need to beware of uncovered windows.

    If this is the first time this has happened to you, it can seem frightening because it is a new experience for you. As your psychic awareness grows in depth, you will automatically comprehend the meaning of these seemingly coincidental occurrences are not coincidence, at all, but a warning not to be taken lightly.

    Even though trees swaying in the wind can create passing shadows, you should use this message to your best advantage. At first, these sightings can send chills up your spine and send you sleepless to another room for not knowing how to interpret the meaning. This one, however, is plain to see as the warning it was meant to be.

    As your abilities grow, the "warnings" you sense will be more subtle, but you will sense a change in a room and "feel" a difference. How your body reacts will give you a clue as to its meaning.

    I hope this helps you out now and in the future.

  • when you say someone that has passed away is it someone related to me in any way?

    from now on i will check the windows and around my house to be more safer..

    thank you

  • It might be a warning about that trip to Fla. You need to really think about that move.

  • im thinking about it really hard.

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