Hey Captain would you be able to do a reading for me?

  • @TulipLilly I was reading thru these posts and I couldnt help but to notice yours. Last year I got out of a r.ship w/a man who I now believe has narcissist personality disorder. I urge you to watch as many youtube videos on this topic as you can. With quarantines we sure have extra time lol. Different videos will give you various perspectives. Narcisstic men are verbally,mentally abusive and manipulative. They feel nothing is ever their fault every bad thing that happens and every negative emotion that they have is YOUR fault! In the beginning of r.ship they idealize you/put you on a pedastal. Then over time the fact that you
    Are a real/flawed human is revealed,then you fall or more likely get kicked off that pedastal. Thats when they devalue you,this can last for years. Everything is about them,what you can do for them, and when you no longer serve their "purpose" they move on to their next "love of fheir lives" its common for them to cheat,lie,manipulate. They can be very vindictive and they know your weakness and they use those against you. Aka your kids and compromised immune system. Now maybe you finally stood up for yourself in that r.hip, left them..whatever the case. Now he wants you to pay for making him look the bad guy that he is. For these guys image is everyting. Narcissists will enlist friends/family whoever they can manipulate to make you look the bad mom and he as the victim/hero. And people fall for this B.S. with kids/legal situations it can get very complex and bad. I would suggest looking up narcissists who use the law/kids as a weapon. You are definately not the only one. There is a video out there by a woman who is a narcissist abuse survivor who mentions how these people are using this virus as another weapon against their victims. Especially people being kept from their kids etc.. ill find it and let u know. You cant go at this alone some of these guys can be dangerous and highly manipulative where they can turn world against you

  • @vettech78 thanks for your post. What you described sounds like my ex to a t. He is constantly twisting things to make me look like the bad guy. He was talking to another woman when we were married, telling her personal things about our marriage. He is good at building you up and tearing it down when it doesn't suit him, on top of his drinking. Thankfully he isn't drinking anymore, when I left him, I think he realized he needed to stop drinking. But he's good at making me look like I am the bad guy to my kids. The Captain is right though, I have to stand up for myself and not give him the power to hurt me. Send me anything you have about it. Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it. I have to fight through the pain and fear and my gut is telling me to write about it.

  • @0911dobwith22lifepath how do I use my master number to send out peace to my ex? I do meditate to help me get rid of my negative energy. How do i know what my master number is?

  • @TulipLilly you are a 6 life path, not a master number.

  • @TheCaptain what does the number 6 mean for me? How can I use it to help myself?

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