Hey Captain would you be able to do a reading for me?

  • Could you please do a reading on my situation? Im wandering how long it will be before I can see my kids again? I miss them terribly. My bd: is 12-12-80. Also what do you see happening at court will they side with me?

  • When do you go to court?

  • @TheCaptain i go April 20th. But its teleconference. My ex is harassing me and he keeps turning things around on me to look like the bad guy. I feel like he's slamming me with bits of reminders from our crappy marriage. By.harrassing.me through text messages. I have a low immune system and so does my bf. So I haven't been seeing them because my ex and his girlfriend work. And I don't know how I'd handle the coronavirus when i have asthma and SVT.

  • TulipLily, April is a month when you must navigate new circumstances with some humour and a renewed level of resolve and patience. What with corona virus and all, it’s a time of deep reflection about your individual life, the choices you made and did not make, and a dive into your deepest held values, beliefs, and fears. Focus will be key this month because you might feel like doing anything but that! April reverberates for you with the energy of freedom and I hope you’re ready for some changes that are ripe and ready for take-off. Despite the tighter reins around freedom and movement right now and the additional layers of anxiousness built in because of the virus, even more than usual you’ll feel as though you need to spread your wings and fly away. But right now, the physical reality is not supporting your urges. Between April 14th to April 23rd, you can expect more of a punch or crescendo in your pursuits. How can you focus and single-task enough to bring about the results you’d like to experience? April holds sudden big changes, adventure, freedom, achievement, and forward momentum for you. So lean into it all with a sense of adventure and open curiosity. Given that this whole year for you is devoted to asserting your sense of independence, April will have a bit of built-in pressure around this element of life. The scary part can be that something rather big in your life is ready to turn a corner. Are you ready to move forward and embody the very real shifts that you’re being asked to make? And what does that mean on a grander scale with the dramatic global trajectory? A complete change in your reality is taking place right now and it can feel both exhilarating and weird and anxiety-producing. It’s time to open up to new experiences, new people - new everything. Flexibility and resourcefulness can pay big dividends for you in April. The energy of the month can bring you fears to face and to tame. How can you gain some level of freedom even within confining situations? By relaxing, taking care of yourself physically, believing that everything will work out, and that you will be taken care of and given what you need. Being fearful and anxious will not work for you right now. Believe big!

  • @TheCaptain I really appreciate your reading! I have one question for you, what shift in my life is ready to turn a corner? Is it related to where Im living, my boyfriend, or creativity aspect of making something new or my kids ? Think big what does it pertain too? Thanks for taking the time to do the reading. I do feel a more comforted and a less anxious.

  • @TulipLilly it's all about your attitude - focus on the positive and not the negative right now. Think positive expansively!

  • @TheCaptain I can do that! Do you see anything about my kids? Are they upset with me since I haven't been seeing them as much cause of the coronavirus? Do you see anything happening with my boyfriend? Will he change his mind?

  • @TulipLilly do you keep in touch with your children via email or phone? Your boyfriend is not likely at this point to change his mind.

  • @TheCaptain i do keep in touch by phone. But my ex has been trying to limit that. He said Im a bad influence because I told my kids that Bella was recuperating from surgery. He's trying to control the situation and make it harder for me, and he's trying to force me to sign my rights off as a parent. Which is ridiculous! I love my girls. I can't help it we both have low immune systems. He tries to play head games with me. Its a impossible situation between my ex and my boyfriend and the virus. Thanks for your help! Bella is recuperating from her surgery nicely too:)

  • @TulipLilly people can only succeed with mind games if you let them. Put aside your feelings of betrayal by your ex and just see that he is being unreasonable. Or do you have a hidden fear that he is right about you being a bad parent? If there was no fear in you, you would easily throw off your ex's attempts to undermine you.

  • @TheCaptain I don't agree with him. He is very cunning and manipulative and he's good at pushing my buttons. Im worried he's going to warp the minds of my kids.

  • @TulipLilly people only succeed in pushing our buttons when we are insecure and secretly believe they may be right about us. You have to stop buying into his attempts to undermine how you feel about yourself.

  • @TheCaptain your right. Thanks for your advice. It just hurts so much when someone breaks your heart. Then he just wants to play with my feelings like Im a fiddle. It just really hurts. Thanks for your help I appreciate it! You give great advice too😀✌

  • @TulipLilly you are allowing other people to have power over you. You alone should be the one in charge of how you feel, not anyone else. Stop giving away your power. Stop allowing other people to have authority over your state of mind.

  • @TheCaptain the fear that you think your feeling, is the fear that I used to have from when we were married. Its a fear of not feeling safe in your own home, when he would come home drunk and we would fight. Its a memory of having to lock myself in my older daughters room so I could sleep with her and my dog Bella. A fear that he feeds on because he gets off on being a bully. That fear is from having to survive in a terrible situation and feeling trapped, and Is not a nice feeling to have. I have to meditate to get rid of it and it keeps coming back. Not to mention his betrayal almost broke my heart completely. I feel like in order for me to succeed in my life, I have to fight the fear until it no longer consumes me. When its gone and Im healed than I can move on in my life, and succeed to be the victor.

  • @TulipLilly you are not fighting anyone on the outside, only your own inner child/self - who doesn't believe in her own strength and wisdom to overcome anything. But you have come this far and survived - that child is wrong when she feels defenseless and inadequate and weak. She isn't. You cannot be bullied if you have a strong self-belief.

  • Thanks for your help. I realize that I need too build up my confidence level , and gain a better more positive aspect. I know that if I can succeed at this, then I will be able be more happy and be more successful at whatever it is I put my mind too. I need to get rid of the self limited thinking that I have about myself. Ive been struggling with my self identity since I tried a job that didnt work out for me. They said they would provide me with 3 months worth of training When in reality they only trained me for a week in a new position that required more training. Then i hurt my back and its not really getting any better..So ive had many setbacks along the way.

  • @TulipLilly why do you blame yourself for that company that was obviously deceitful or lax with their hiring conditions? Everything is not your fault. And nobody suits every job or situation or relationship they try for. Instead of blaming yourself if some project doesn't come off, realize that it was not the right fit for you and be glad and grateful that you learned a lesson about yourself and what doesn't suit you. There will always be other opportunities to succeed and no one on this earth succeeds all the time. In fact., most success stories consist of many failures first. That is how we grown and learn. If you keep getting knocked down but keep getting up again, eventually you will learn to recognize what suits you perfectly.

  • @TheCaptain As the saying goes, at first you don't succeed try try again. How do i know if the relationship that Im in now is the right fit for me?
    Happy 🐣 Easter too😊

  • @TulipLilly. Hi TulipLilly. I hope you don't mind. I'm new to this forum. My advice for you and much similar to what the captain said: take these next weeks and focus on grounding. Take some time and meditate at the end of the night. I know it will be hard but send love and peace towards your ex. Use your master number to your advantages. Embracing this new difficulties with peace and love, as everything you put out into the universe will return back to you. (Even anxiety can have negative impact on the desire outcome). If you allow the ex's lower vibrations bring you down, take courage and rise above it. You got this my friend. Best, W.

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