Hi The Captain.

  • Hi, the Captain. Long time not been here. I am happy to see you still here.
    Hope you and your family are healthy and well.
    I have a question if you could see anything energetically. I feel that for a while I haven't been lucky in love. I wonder if anyone had done a curse or black magic on me. I had people in my life in the past that were involved with black magick, and I don't talk to them anymore, that's my doubts. Thank you, B

  • No it is only your issues with love that are holding you back from finding love. I feel your expectations may be too high and unrealistic when it comes to romantic partners - you are looking for a perfection that doesn't exist. The best partner for you is someone quiet and stable who has their own agenda but who can also be an appreciative audience. Yet you may yearn/search for someone exciting and even dangerous, but who is unstable and unreliable. Of course at the moment with covid, no one is able to get about and meet other people, so instead take the time to work on yourself - it will pay off. Ask yourself what barriers you have erected to love. You like to keep yourself to yourself so are you really open to someone coming into your life?

  • Hi The Captain. Thank you so much for your reply. It is spot on. The funny thing is that I have come to these realizations myself too but I see it hard to change. I know I am not open for the special one to come into my life because I have a son and it's hard to bring someone new in my home. I am working on it though. Thank you again.

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