Tarot reading Celtic cross - relationship

  • I am having a difficulty letting an ex go as I feel the relationship didn’t reach its end . It was long distance and the problem was we couldn’t come together on a solution to end the distance. Relationship Ended September 2019.

    I previously did a reading on wether there will be reconciliation and I got a positive outcome.

    Now I asked guidance on wether I should contact him or wait for things to unfold or he contacts me? It’s Celtic cross reading please let me know how you would interpret this.

    1. king of cups
    2. queen of pentacles
    3. 6 of cups
    4. ace of cups
    5. queen of cups
    6. wheel of fortune
    7. 7 of cups
    8. the heirophant
    9. 4 of pentacles
    10. the empress

    I should also point that while shuffling the cards 9 of pentacles and the two of cups dropped out.

    Please share your guidance

  • @ovazian94
    There are many variations of the Celtic Cross- what are the card's positions.... in the layout?
    What deck did you use? What colours stand out in the cards?

    When you ask this question there are alot of cards to consider .. sometimes in those readings 3 cards give real clear quick answers to those type of questions .. 3 cards per choice .. (per path)

    Now depending on the position of the card..

    King of Cups - mature masculine energy, dreamy, dipping toe into the situation, maybe not quite going full hogg (So to speak) a sense of not wearing emotions openly even though caring.

    Queen of Pentacles - firm, assertive business woman... earthy, no nonsense, caring when necessarily for those who need it ...

    6 of cups- nostalgic memories, childhood, the past affecting the moment...

    Ace of cups new relationships, new possibilities...

    Queen of Cups Mature Nurturing energy, emotions may play a part in this ...

    Wheel of Fortune- Destiny or Fate , life's ups and down, get off the roundabout... Make decisions

    7 of Cups- Choose wisely, not all what you are offered will do you good..

    The Hierophant- Mentor, teacher, learning lessons .. Spiritual development, maybe looking at things in a traditional sense.

    4 of Pentacles- holding on to something at this time. is it good for you or something you should let go of?

    The Empress- Beauty, fertility, nurturing something into fruition... time is now to take care of something... Motherhood ...

    These are some ideas about what the cards could mean.. there are many layers to cards ....

  • @ovazian94 Hi overzian, I see you are still looking for answers regarding your past relationship with your ex.

    I remember the horseshoe spread you did last time on a possible reconciliation with him.

    I looked at those cards and saw a different story to yours, maybe look at the cards more objectively, I think you are so emotionally attached to the question that you aren’t listening to what the cards are telling you, you don’t want to hear that there will be no reconciliation.

    Maybe you should consider contacting him that way you will receive your answers, which will put your mind at ease and help you move forward in life.

  • @Elke hi I actually asked a professional reader and I got the outcome just recently I had a new spread. So it was there interpretation . I am not picking the cards myself as I figured I am too emotionally invested. I remember you did a reading and informed me there is someone in his life and it appears there isn’t but that time I picked the cards.So it’s becoming very confusing. These set of cards have as well been picked by a professional reader and she advised me to go with my gut , my gut says wait

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