I texted cancer man first .. no response

  • Ah, this is a long shot. There’s this cancer man I work with. And boy is it intense. We’ve never actually spoken to eachother bc we never have time.. but I’ve noticed him watching me, giving excuses to come around and when our eyes meet, oh man.. today he walked to to my desk (which would make us actually talk) but I was busy so he got help from the manager ... and then also today I had to go to the area he was at for a second, he looked at me, said hi and smiled & I was so damn nervous I just walked away quickly & didn’t say anything lmao. Soooo I took it upon my scorpio self to get his number from the contact book at work, send him a text asking “is this xxx” he said who is this.. I said something like “hi sorry um this is xxx from xxx and just wanted to apologize for being rude earlier & walking away so abruptly. I was going to talk to you in person but got busy” and he never texted me back 😞 so now I have anxiety that maybe I shouldn’t have texted him at all.. maybe I misconstrued the feelings & intensity between us. IDK. I don’t even know how to act tomorrow when I go to work 😧 I feel like I just made myself look crazy lmao

  • If he was interested, he would have instantly replied to you.

  • @TheCaptain

    Since then.. geez. So after 3 days I think... I built up courage to apologize for that in person. He was so gentle and caring and apologized to me for not responding And was happy I came and talked to him. Then sent me a text that night to tell me goodnight and apologized again, Was happy to meet me and etc etc... we were texting pretty good for about a week.. but I done fucked it up by over texting him, texting him drunk and I’ve completely embarrassed myself. I got so excited and I’ve completely pushed him away. Now he avoids me at work, no eye contact .. totally cold. 😞

  • @Mannyjay he was never going to be a good and faithful lover for you. He has been playing you.

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