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  • Hi all,

    I am currently new at my work and am half way through my probation period. I asked << what will be the outcome of my probation period>> and the cards I got were
    The Hermit
    The lovers
    Two of wands

    Can someone help me understand this? For context, it's a typical 9 to 5 desk job.

  • @Hernandez
    There are many layers to the cards ... What deck did you use?
    Was this a deck you are personally working with physically?

    The Hermit can speak of meditation, solitude and in learning .. maybe even achieving knowledge from alot of study, silence...

    The Lovers can speak of choices needing to be made... will it unlock the possibility of a new passion...

    Two of Wands can speak of choices to be made.. knowing all is possible on your path you walk ahead on...

    These are some thoughts in regards to these cards ...hope these thoughts give some clarity ...

  • @Hernandez
    Here is my interpretation of your tarot spread;
    The Hermit.
    I feel this post will give you time to think about what you do truly want out of your working career. I see a time of reflection if not a little bit of loneliness. This is more than likely to be the fact you are now putting more of your energy and time into your job, you have to to succeed so therefore it is obvious you may have less time to socialise, spend time with people how you used to. That includes family and friends. Now I do feel though that this job will be a time of contemplation. I see you eventually moving on though from this post some time in the future but I see you reflecting on how you can best utilise the skills this current post has taught you for you to eventually move to something much bigger. Yes, I see a future choice of two options and feel there will definitely be an opportunity to move to something else but as I said, do not worry as it will be your choice and there will be progression for you.
    The lovers.
    Now I do see you experiencing feelings of happiness within this job role. I feel you are liked by people there. You bring a little bit of happiness there in some way. Maybe it is how you carry yourself. I can see this job bringing you a lot of happiness. I also can see there will also be someone within your working environment who becomes a very close friend, one who will ultimately help you, take your hand: not literally but you know what I mean?, like a big brother or sister that takes your hand to lead you the way. It is also a possibility that there will be some love interest within this post or that has some connection to your job, so that includes meeting on public transport, in a shop you use before or after work, anything that has some significance to your job. Like I say, where you meet them it may be a work colleague but could also be some sort of friend of relative that connects directly to one of your colleagues ie; you meet this person directly because of somebody at work, or you could get introduced to them through a particular work college.
    Two of wands
    This is a very positive card especially in regards to work. It affirms to you that your efforts at work will eventually pay off for you. Yes, you will have to put the effort in but I see you “managing very well thank you very much”, coping with your work load and that is also what I feel your boss thinks about you.
    Hope this helps.

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