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  • Hello @TheCaptain !

    It has been awhile. And frankly, quite a scary and heart-thumping past few days due to the outbreak. It has been two weeks since our company has sent us all home to work at home. That way, we won't get affected by the virus. I admit I had a lot of time to think about things (career, finances, relationships, goals) and I am seriously trying to put my ducks in a row. I am not freaking out, per se. I had just been thinking. Can you feel anything out there for me this year?

    Thanks in advance.

  • There is nothing in the outer world for any of us at the moment - it is all about focusing on the inner process. That is the point of the virus. Once the inner self has come into balance, so will the outer world. But there definitely must be change in our daily lives - we cannot continue to live as we used to. We must manifest more love and respect for each other and for the planet. We must become carers, not destroyers.

    “Freedom lies in bringing nothing with you. Freedom is a fresh moment that does not ask you to believe anything, but rather requires you to remove all beliefs that keep the truth hidden.” ~ Alex Mill

  • Yes yes yes! You always know how to make things feel lighter.

    I hope I can share the energy and vibrance you have in life.

    Hope that you're okay. Let's kick covid-19's ass!

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