Can I ask about my friend and the guy she wants to be with?

  • My friend ( 23rd september 1980) and the man that doesn’t know her yet, but she’s trying hard to connect with him and have him notice her. She has written and recorded a song for him,
    She wants to send it to him. Will she get the outcome she wants ? Will they ever become an item?
    His birthday is the 10 April 1992.

  • This is more fantasy than reality. There is likely to be little empathy between these two people who are very different to each other, opposites in fact. Any relationship here would be truly superficial, just a fan and a star who loves admiration. Drawn to attractive beautiful people, your friend can find much to admire in this man's appearance. But attractiveness and popularity fade, and so will your friend's desire for this man, once his looks go and he is no longer as stunning.

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