(beginner) help with serious reading

  • hi, i am pretty new to tarot. I’ve done various spreads on an app (golden thread tarot) over the past year or so but i never used it very regularly and ive never had a reading in person.
    I’ve been struggling a lot with my personal life and relationships recently and I’ve been meditating and open to any signs. Then, last night i had a vision (not a dream). There was a friendly owl so I did a lot of research into that, which had some good answers, but today (the day after the vision) I wanted a clearer picture so I went on my tarot app. I did a spiritual 3-card dream interpretation spread because it lined up with what i was looking for mostly. then i was looking at online websites and forums for tarot and many people suggest reaching out to others when doing virtual spreads and to get other opinions rather than shaping the cards to what i want.

    so here were my cards in order drawn:
    The Emperor (reversed) - where did the dream come from
    The Magician (reversed)-what is the dream telling me
    The Chariot - how can i apply the dream to waking life

    From my interpretation, the cards explained everything perfectly and offered great insight and direction to take.
    But I am posting this, looking for more clarity from perhaps people more experienced or someone who can give me an outside interpretation so I can make sure I’m not too caught up in my own head. Thank you.

  • @racot HiRacot, to me visions of symbols like the owl come from the sub conscious part of ourselves, it’s where our positive and negative experiences from our parents, friends associates and society etc... are,
    They form our beliefs, habits and patterns both positive and negative, this is the part of ourselves especially the negative that needs a new understanding, healing and transforming into the positive so we can influence our outer world and produce a happier life for ourselves.

    The Emperor and Magician(R)
    Both reversed gives me a feeling of a strong person or people with much influence and power, they can be angry, manipulative and controlling in which they don’t make you feel good, I’m not sure weather this represents the types of individuals in your life your a relationship you are currently in.

    The Chariot
    If this does sound like a person or persons then the CHARIOT says you need to take back control of your life and steer your life in the direction of your dreams.
    You are the only one who has the power to do this, make your happiness and well being your number 1 priority, do not let this or these people do this to you try and remove yourself from the negative situation and focus on your life and what’s important to you. When you do you create new positive energy and opportunities to come to you in the future.

    All the best

  • @Elke thank you so much for your reply! it is very helpful to see from a different perspective 🙂

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