I want to ask any of Capricorns.

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      [I like a Capricorn man so much and I think i fall in love with him but there’s something wrong.
      At the first when he knew me he was so attracted to me and he told me to gave him a chance to be partners ( on our third day of talking to each other on the social media)
      I refused because he might change his mind as we didn’t know each other so much but he kept flirting with me and talking to me all the day.
      The first meeting for each other was only 15 minutes because i had to go for work
      After that he changed and wasn’t the same and i kept asking for a reason for this behavior.
      I told him that i like him too and i want to know him more.
      He was always busy and i kept motivate him and solve his problems also but he stopped caring for me and stopped flirting also.
      At our second time to hangout with each other we were perfect 👌 and he told me that im so beautiful and he like me too and saw me a good partner and he wants to know me more and he feels so comfortable with me and he started to tell me about this previous relationship.
      2 days later, he was always busy at work and didn’t have time to reply or even want to.
      Then he told me that im a good person at all levels but he didn’t move on from his previous relationship and want to be just friends and to forgive him for that.
      I replied with its okay and thank you.
      But i sent him a text with how i feel after his last text and he had to be sure that he moved on before entering another relationship and i really felt upset. After hours of seeing my text he replied with a song only ( Means he wishes he get over his last toxic relationship because it brings to him a bad explanation and trust issues)
      I told him I’ll be there anytime he needs me and i hope he understand my situation and how i feel also. He saw my message without replying.
      What should i do to get him back?
      That means he didn’t like me right?](link url)

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