I would like un update reading

  • I would like an update reading on a relationship situation. In my profile picture is the photo of the couple. I would like to know where this relationship stands and where its headed. I was once engaged to the man in the photo. I would also like to know why he choose this woman over me. They are currently engaged and have baby on the way. I also want to know what/how he feels for me-as being friends w/me? We still in some contact

  • This woman makes him feel good - she pampers him and accedes to his every wish, making him feel like the big man and the boss. As long as she does this, they will stay together. He didn't feel he was in charge in your relationship so he got out. He felt you were pushing him to do what you wanted. This man has a very shaky ego and needs to feel he is number one and the master in a relationship. He will be wary of you in the future and will distance himself.

  • @TheCaptain so my question, is she happy with him?

  • @TheCaptain how does he feel about cheating on me? Is there any guilt or shame?

  • @vettech78 yes she is happy with him and yes he feels guilt but he pushes it away.

  • @TheCaptain. She claims he treats her like queen, so if she is happy then he must be treating her right. Which doesnt make sense to me. Cause i pampered/spoiled him also but it didnt work for me. It is very strongly suspected that he has some cluster b personality disorder. Cause no matter how you treat him, he will be jealous/insecure, verbally/emotionally abusive when angry. He gets upset if anyone confronts him w/his bad behavior. He is never happy no matter what you do. I just spoke to one of exes from long ago, he had child with her. She says she has proof he was physically abusive to her. She had protection order on him she said. She said he was always that way. And she also claimed that while I was with him that he tried calling her saying he truly loves her and wants her back,and that she was the true love of his life. So what happened? Is he changing for the better with each relationship and suddenly he is "cured" of all is ill ways with this new woman? She did say he treats her like a queen! And they have been together long enough that his mask shouldve slipped/fallen off by now?

  • @vettech78 he treats his women like queens as long as they allow him to be boss and act passively and don;t try to order him about.

  • @TheCaptain iv never tried to boss or order him. He just became that way for no reason. His ex said he was always abusive. Now he will turn nasty if you try to defend yourself against his abuse. And an ex of his says he wanted nothing to do with his daughter when he had to pay child support. That he always manipulated and lied. It is a known fact that abusive men will abuse all/every women they date no matter how submissive they are. For him to treat everyone in this way his whole life just to suddenly treat a woman good for the first time ever just cause she is submissive doesnt make sense. All of the women he dates are submissive types but it never stopped him from being his dysfunctional self. How is he hiding his true self from this girl? This man is actually not very bossy in a relationship. But he can be disfunctional. He will accuse of sleeping w/the neighbor just cause you chat w/him. He will start a fight then get mad cause your upset. He blames everyone else for his feelings and problems. He will complain that you dont make enough money then turn around and complain cause you didnt get something done at home cause you worked longer hours. He will get cranky and temperamental for no reason. He can be vengeful and manipulative. If thats truly the person he really is then is doesnt matter how well she "behaves" his character will show itself. How does she not see that? She says he treats her like a queen. Those who know him(his own family included) believes she of full of crap. Or is it possible he still has his fake mask still on after all this time?? Has she had the baby yet or is she still pregnant?

  • @vettech78 basically this guy loves his freedom and will destroy a relationship with abuse in order to be free.

  • @TheCaptain how can this woman be happy with such an abuser? And with his disorder personality traits? Most people see the real him within 6 months or less. Did she have the baby yet?

  • @vettech78 you will never have all the answers to your questions about your ex. It's time for you to move your life forward and not get stuck in the past, thinking about people who are not part of your life anymore.

  • @TheCaptain yes true. Its just hard when people act like they are the victim. But in the end it is their problem

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