Can you tell me about this person and me?

  • Can you tell me the dynamic of this relationship? Will we just work together on music or will anything romantic develop?

    My birthday is 14 October 1986
    And his is 30 November 1983.

    What do you pick up please?

  • This relationship may only be fully appreciated when the two of you are much older. Working together can pan out, though there would be conflicts of temperament. In fact, work for this guy will be all-important this year and he may not have the inclination, time or energy for anything else. Dependency can result from any type of relationship here, yet a love affair can prove rewarding, both physically and emotionally. Your indecision and his temper can create difficulties though, and impatience may break out when the relationship is under stress, but the understanding and commitment found here will generally overcome such problems. Clashes between two such strong-willed individuals are inevitable, but they will often result in a renewed sense of purpose. The greatest challenge for a love affair however will often lie in the spiritual realm, since the relationship may involve a certain gap or lack that can only be filled by selfless service and belief in a higher power.

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