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  • Hello , could someone please do a career/job reading for me born 21/7/1994 we have been told we are about to lose our jobs we don’t know till when we have (?) I have been actively applying everywhere but I have no answer.

    My question

    1. till when do I have in my current job?
    2. is there a work opportunity I am missing on?
    3. when will I move to my next employment ?
      4( anything else you see

  • You are in a personal year of big changes but also big opportunities. Now is the right time to expand your possibilities and look around for something new. Go big and bold!

    What type of work are you in right now?

  • @TheCaptain hi captain I am in marketing and I am really going hold in my job hunt just no one is coming back to me. Getting anxious as soon I will be out of a job

  • @ovazian94, from your profile, your nurturing side means you would be well suited to a career as a teacher, scientist, social worker, or to working in the caring professions, although your adventurous spirit may draw you to occupations that involve risk, such as the army or the secret service. Your debating skills might attract you to politics, sales, business, philosophy or psychology. Acting, film-making or cookery would appeal to your inherent flamboyance. Your desire for precision, along with your expressive and intuitive abilities, can shine through in training, organizational work, design, architecture, or illustration. You would make a consummate professional as a dancer or athlete. You could be an excellent, prolific writer – you will excel at anything having to do with communication, feelings and emotion. You could do well with a home business or working from home. Unless you allow self-doubt to stop you, your perfectionism will make you naturally prone to success, because you can do very good work (even though you may not always feel that way). You tend to offer that extra touch and to work conscientiously toward high standards. You have a deep emotional sensitivity, whether or not you show it, and a mind that focuses and directs a profound intuitive intelligence. To succeed however, you need to get a grip on your ideals, stay practical and realistic, and keep positive.

    You can have a problem with feeling that your life is moving fast enough, but you need to make sure your focus is not always on your career. There are also other important things in life like relationships and having fun. You likely love excitement, conflict and explosive situations, and can be attracted to action games, racing cars, theme-park rides, diving, or any high-energy adrenalin-pumping situation that provides drama and demands daring and courage. But secretly what you really want is to make lots of money. Until the age of thirty, there will be many opportunities for you to develop your strength, creativity and confidence; these are the years during which you need to make sure your love of thrill-seeking does not encourage you to stir up trouble for the sake of it. After the age of thirty, your focus will change to a more pragmatic and rational approach, with a desire for a life that is still very fast moving, but slightly more settled and orderly.

    You are meant to evolve into an impassioned, empowered individual this lifetime. There is a higher self within you that understands and embraces the depths of life. You will realize your greatest potential when you can make life something that gets your heart pounding and your blood racing. For you, things are supposed to be a bit risky, slightly dangerous, allowing you to teeter right on the edge. It might not make sense but embracing a bit of that danger is what you’re made for. What your soul really wants is to engage in a high-wire act, with not much of a net underneath. It’s through this approach that you will embrace the emotional power that you have within.

    But what could stand in the way of this life-changing intensity? Well, it is all too easy for you to get stuck in your ways. Your comfort zone can be so comfortable that you just don’t want to leave it. In fact, it might not make any sense at all to leave it. Yet your natural common sense can be much less effective when you dig in your heels and refuse to budge. Your worst habits come from being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, unable to go with the flow of the inevitable changes of life. Therefore, you might feel like you’re being totally practical by sticking to your routines, clinging to your possessions or job, or insisting on your values. But little do you know that these things have gone past their expiration date and being unable to do away with them will only hurt you, in the end. .Anything that is too intense, dramatic, or chaotic may be resisted by you. You can be so insistent on things being peaceful and stable that the slightest disturbance could feel like unwelcome drama. It can be easy for you to fall into a routine and remain trapped within it. Change is a very terrifying concept for you yet this is a year certain to be full of big changes. It is what you desperately need to help you move forward and grow as a person. You will then realize your greater potential by being able to investigate and understand yourself. Through change, you will earn a lot of valuable emotional resources. That’s what this lifetime for you is about: inner resources, not outer money, possessions or sex. And these inner resources will be needed to get you through tough times, to help you overcome your issues, and to transform yourself in amazing ways.

  • @TheCaptain thank you for the detailed reading!

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