Cancer x pisces

    I met a cancer male and im a Pisces female and he just came up to me out of nowhere and I secretly had a crush on him and it turns out he had a crush on me too. Anyways I first saw him was in a classroom I didn’t even get to fully see him but his presence in the room drew me to him. Anyways once I saw him I fell in love. When he started to talk to me he was flirting with me by making fun of me. Next he followed me and asked me lots of questions. He asked for my social media and I gave it to him . After that he told me he had a crush on me and I told him that I did too and we both were in shock. Next he asked me out and I said yes and we only got to know each other for one day. Anyways when we dated it was mostly physical. At the end of the day 3 months passed and we broke up. I broke up with him but he was mutual about it because he never told me but I could tell he felt the same way. I gave him back a gift that he has gaven me but that made him cry. The next day we did not talk for 3 days until he came back to me ready to be my friend. After that he told me to keep his gift so I kept it and I gave him a gift too and told him to keep it. Anyways after that we became very good friends he was always there for me and I was there for him. But after some time we fell off because he moved but he still texted me. The end

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