Astrology Dating App

  • Anyone believe in Astrology to find a love match? I have been participarting in this dating app called Elamints ( that uses astrology to match people. It is new it but it is growing. This might be a place to meet others and pass the time, since most of us are stuck at home in Quarantine.

  • Be careful - many people misrepresent themselves online.

  • @Dobbins In theory that sounds good. But you could talk to someone and you have no way to verify that what their saying is actual truth or not. I would be very careful.

  • Great! I'll use it definitely. I believe in astrology and numbers meaning and all the spiritual things. As I read on the internet, my own lucky number is 888. I suppose that I would find someone that would have the same number. If you are interested, you can check 888 meaning here. Do you want to know your destiny?

  • I think astrology is very complicated science. And you cannot simply rely on your zodiac to find a partner. There are many other factors to take into account like the year and time of birth. But if you really think you need to date a specific sign, you can specify this information in your profile on a dating site Or you can use refined search.

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