Pisces guy ignoring me

  • I have been talking to this guy for 9 months. We knew each other 12 years ago but had just reconnected through text 9 months ago. We were messaging a lot then almost every day. We were like best friends. We decided to hang out 7 months after texting. We were attracted to each other right away. We met again and we were intimate. I fell for him really hard. I asked him if he’d ever loved anyone. He kind of started acting weird. Then texting me like every other night. Just to say goodnight. I had a something bad happen and I told him about it. He asked why I didn’t call or text him. I told him, because I felt like it would have been a burden to him. He said He’d always be there for me. Then next day I apologized and said “I’m sorry, you are my bestest friend I should have came to you.” He never responded. He started pulling away. So one night I asked if he was mad, that he seems different and not wanting to meet with me he said no just going through a lot. I said ok if you want space or if it’s ok that I be here let me know. He said he didn’t know what he wanted. That really hurt me. But he did text me three days later seeming mostly normal. Then only texting every couple days very short and cold. I asked how he was and he said not too good. I told him I valued his friendship and it doesn’t matter about feelings that I’m here no matter what for him. He didn’t say anything. It seemed like he was annoyed and I later said I don’t want to keep annoying you or texting to much but it’s hard not to. He never said anything. Then he text me a couple days later to something I had asked seemed kind of normal. But not. Then I said goodnight no response. I’m so sad. So I text him after 8 days of no contact and said I miss you and hope everything is ok and no matter how you feel about me I’m still here. I said you don’t have to text me back. It’s just to let you know. Now he hasn’t responded to my texts in 10 days. I’m so heartbroken. What should I do to fix this?

  • Pisces has a lot of love to give and he wants to make sure that the person he's dating is willing to share that love with him. Whenever he thinks of the perfect relationship, it's one that's filled with passion, romance, and support. If he's starting to get distant, it could be because he's not feeling any of those things between you two. And it might not even be because there isn't any love or romance in your relationship he could just be putting too much pressure on the relationship to succeed that when it doesn't live up to his expectations, he detaches himself from you. His biggest worry is that he'll date someone who takes his love for granted. He can get so worked up over this that he can unintentionally distance himself from you, even though that's the exact opposite of what he wants. Insert some of that romance you two had when you first started seeing each other by getting to know each other again, telling each other how much you appreciate one another, and doing kind things for each other.

  • Should probably stop talking to him. Give him time to miss you. And stop sending him paragraphs about your feelings be less available for him

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