Finding job - Hex 14 to Hex 21

  • Hi I have casted whether am I able to get in interview with a company and I got hex 14 to hex 21.

    Can someone interpret for me? Really appreciate for your help!



  • "After Harmony is sought, Great Harvest; Watching, one bites through"

    An implication that one's efforts pay off if sincerely determined & prepared.

    There is a question of inferior/superior, a reference to noble & virtuous character traits.

    A person full of pride defeats themself. A person of modesty is rewarded.

    In this manner, one's own ego will actually be responsible for "defeat" of themself if it is not put in check.

    This counsels honesty over trying to impress.

    (i.e. It's unwise to inflate one's importance or lie about one's skills or abilities)

    Then you are more likely to be trusted with responsibility from one in a position of greater authority or influence than your own.

    To me it says : Sure. You have the potential. Just be careful how you present yourself. Don't make promises you can't keep. Be honest. Be determined. "Impress" by being truthful & tactful.

    ...Any particular company; this is certainly sound advice...

    ...A specific company which you have not yet applied for; still good advice...

    ...A specific company which you have already applied for, I'm uncertain myself; perhaps there's a second process to it in this this advice seems better suited to future endeavors rather than as follow up to previous (??)

  • Belated insight; but useful nonetheless

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