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  • I have this new coworker who I had a crush on but found out he had a gf so I kind of backed off a little. He’s very friendly and is charming to all the girls. But overall he likes to talk about his gf all the time and they seem in love. But I feel like he says stuff that catches me off guard sometimes.

    So I drew some cards from the universal tarot deck asking how he sees me and I drew these three

    Justice reversed, king of pentacles and the devil

    Can someone please explain?

  • @Ashleyhills
    Just off the top of my head I would guess he won’t do the right thing and the two of you could be involved in an affair
    Anyone else have any ideas?

  • You are being urged to take the high road.

  • @Ashleyhills
    I feel there are things about this man that are untruthful or maybe is it that you are not seeing the truth. I feel maybe his life is possibly a little unbalanced at the moment and maybe money Is his main priority at this present time. Building his empire, amassing his fortune. I feel this man is possibly not the person to be getting involved with, after all, would you trust the devil? There could be negative aspects to his character or how he behaves. There could be addictions or some kind of excess to something this man has.... sex, or drugs, gambling or alcohol or anything that we know we shouldn’t be doing. The cards could also be saying you may be having an unhealthy obsession even if it’s within your own mind about this man. Something forbidden but exiting. He may actually end up offering you something in the future that is dangerous, forbidden and that you probably shouldn’t be doing and I feel if you were to indulge in this offer then you may encounter feelings of being trapped, emotionally tied to this situation but one where you find it hard to get out from. Personally I’d leave him and his girlfriend to get on with it and avoid avoid avoid. Not as a colleague but as a love interest. This is only my interpretation of the cards and of course we all have free will to do exactly what we want to do. I can only tell you what I see.
    Peace and love to you always.

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