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  • Hi,
    It was Mercury retrograde and some past people come into surface. One was too annoyed, i felt his heavy energy, I also argued with him that I don't. want to give him second chance. The person I was dealing didn't show his identity but he make calls and messages from different numbers. If I block one number he called from another. At least I blocked 12 unknown numbers. He even involved third party and different language speaker told me that they have my personal number. Finally I changed my number. But what next step he took he send his gangsters around my home. They were all at least 12 to 20 people. They were using black mirrors vehicles. It seems that specific person took my personal information. Then he appeared in a chatting website there someone asked me for marriage again keeping his identity in secret, he also told me that he knows me and have my personal information. But I got hint that someone is playing mind games and hiding truth. I feel that he is my ex who still not let me go. If you please read current energy around me. Thanks in advance.

  • There is indeed a blackness in your aura, indicating a negative entity around you. But it is growing smaller and weaker, so hold out because you are winning. You have the strength and willpower to resist this dwindling force of energy.

  • @Sara

    You might want to start taking screenshots of online messages and getting any kind of evidence you can get to give to the cops if need be.

    Take care

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