Marriage compatibility

  • Hi,
    Kindly check marriage compatibility of this couple. He is my younger brother and his new fiance.
    DOB: 8 Nov 1997

    DOB: 27 Feb 2001

  • This relationship can be challenging for marriage. This classic matchup would seem to have been made in heaven - or perhaps in hell. In either case, it is irresistible and often unconventional. This pair can achieve considerable professional success, but this is certainly no guarantee of the consistency or stability of their personal relationship. Your brother can be notoriously hard to reach, especially in his darker moods, and although this girl can understand him as well as anyone, his needs and demands will often prove too much for her to handle. Aggressive as your brother is however, he will not find his fiancée a pushover by any means; this couple’s battles will be long and hard fought. Based squarely on feeling, the relationship will usually have a dual focus: working out emotional problems and putting the tremendous energy that the relationship releases into the service of a professional endeavour, whether in business or the arts.

    This pair in love can get too close. Swallowed up by their relationship, they may have to struggle to maintain their own identities; their private world is likely to be exclusive, shutting out everyone else. It is tempting to think they have been involved in previous lifetimes, so familiar and complex is their interaction. Emotional problems between these two can often seem insoluble, yet they will rarely give up on them and can in fact make a lot of progress in working them out. Drugs and sex, however, are likely to be all-too-ready escapes in this exhausting process. Marriage is thus not recommended here unless the spouses are willing to commit themselves to a lot of serious psychological investigation.

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