Can Captain or another tarot card reader please give me a reading about my ex husband and I ?

  • Im thinking about cutting down on visits with my kids. My immune system is low and my boyfriend's is too. Im worried about getting the corona virus. Because kids can be carriers. Can someone please do a reading for me on my ex husband? His birthdate is 4-2-74 and mine is 12-12-1980. Thanks

  • What exactly are you asking about the ex?

  • @TheCaptain what his general feeling on the situation? How will he respond? Wiol he be supportive about me being cautious? I don't want him to think Im not a responsible parent.

  • @TulipLilly your ex is in a year when he will want to be free and independent, thinking of himself so I think he will not respond well to you putting more responsibility onto him at this time. But maybe you can explain your fears of the virus infecting your kids.

  • @TheCaptain i did. I told him I haven't been feeling well. That Im worried about getting my kids sick. I have to get an epidural this Thursday. Im planning on wearing my mask Im going to find out when I get my epidural. Where I can go to get a coronavirus test here in Ohio. My boyfriend is recuperating from surgery too. My exs attitude is so blazee about it. Like he thinks im lying. Doesn't he care about the safety and well being of my children?
    Why does he want more freedom? I thought he was happy with his situation with the kids and his girlfriend.

  • @TulipLilly he's going through a stage where he wants to be all about himself.

  • @TheCaptain how can i get this man to grow up and get over himself?

  • @TheCaptain i hate to break it too you. But that's why our relationship didn't work out. He was immature and only cared about himself. He seemed to grow up when I left him. How can I get him to realize how serious this virus is? Also I think his new gf isn't setting a good example for him. He seems to agree with me n something, then come back and change his way of thinking. He flip flops, and I think his gf. is pressuring him to see things her way about things.

  • @TulipLilly he'll be like this all year but 2021 looks way more promising for getting him to see things your way. It will likely be another three years before he starts to mature, as he approaches 50.

  • @TheCaptain unfortunately your ex dreams more than he does, and is very childish and selfish and doesn't really listen to what other people say or want. So when you talk to him, try to put everything in a way in which he seems to be advantaged by it, and won't lose out.

  • @TheCaptain can you tell me if he is spreading lies to my kids. My one daughter isn't talking to me. Im wandering if shes upset. Her birthdate is 1-5-06 and my other kids birthday is 11-15-09. Thanks

  • @TheCaptain so he wants me to buy all this stuff for my kids when I have no income i havent worked in 7 months because of my back pain. My boyfriend just lost his job. He's high risk for this corona virus and so am I. We are trying to self quarantine ourselves so we dont get sick. Im even cancelling an elective appt next week.

  • @TulipLilly I am sensing your daughter is not upset with you - she is just going through a phase where she wants to be seen as more adult and independent and less of a child.

    Well, just say 'no' to your ex about buying anything at the moment. You don't stand up to him enough. he is all bluff and bluster and no follow-through

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