Reading Request, thanks.

  • I have had readings on this before I'm getting confused because everyone seems to interpret the situation in different ways even when some of the exact same cards are coming up(???).

    I became involved with a man who was in a realtionship that was ending during the time we were involved the person he was living with was in the process of moving, but they were constantly fighting, I became confused because this person would tell me that he was going to try to work out his relationship with the person he was with, but then he would so up at my house a few days later. This is where the situation stands, last time he did this was two weeks ago. I have backed out of the situation, somewhat because I do not initiate contact with this person.

    I'm a bit confused, I'm trying to get insight on what is going to happen in this situation. Again, I have had two readings where one person said he was gone, and wouldn't return. The other said he was gone, but would return , but I would feel differnetly about him when he did, and they saw me moving away from the realtionship for someone more compatiable to me.

    Any thoughts?

  • Typical men to go for another when the relationship is weaker. They dont cope with stress as much as us women. They easily give up. Poor men.

    But some are very good. My advice is that you should not get together with a man that can not stay faithful in a relationship that is not giving what he wants from it. If he had been sure that he wanted to be with you, then he would not say that he is trying to work out his relationship with the other. He is weak. He easily gives up, since he gets together with you while in a difficult relationship and doesnt leave her. He does not know what he wants, and has been unfaithful to both of you girls.

    You should not be with a man who is still in a relationship. It shows lack of good judgement from his side and from yourself aswell. But he is the one who should have done the right thing, it was his responcibility. He should have said that he wants to go home and brake up with his girlfriend, and then come back to you to be with you. On a permanent basis, and even perhaps have children with you. Either that, or he is just not to be trusted. There is no reason for a relationship that leads nowhere, and that is what he has given you.

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