Can I get insight on my past relationship

  • Needing closure and wanting to know if I should move on
    My DOB 05/07/1990
    His name is Demetrius DOB 06/14/1995

  • The focus of this relationship is independence, a need that Demetrius must learn to express to you and must teach and bring out in you as well. Unfortunately, you have a demanding side and may react to his need to seek out and follow other interests with an unprecedented degree of anger and possessiveness. The relationship may in fact become a good testing ground for the development of accepting and non-possessive attitudes, a kind of truth test that both of you will eventually have to take. In a marriage here, Demetrius will have problems binding himself to a commitment. You, being more seriously involved, will find it difficult to work with such an elusive partner. An alternative, however, especially if children are not involved, is for you to join Demetrius in a relationship based on adventure, travel and other forms of investigation, exploration and learning. Here the theme of independence can refer to the relationship itself, rather than to its two members. You would have to accept that Demetrius needs a lot of latitude in determining his life and deciding how domestic and romantic responsibilities are to be fulfilled. You need to allow him his freedom - within reason. Let him go off alone or with his buddies when he wants to. You go off with your friends and do your own thing too. If you can be happy involving yourself in your own interests without needing him to be there always for you, this relationship will thrive. But you must definitely let him take charge a lot and not always want to do things your way. If you show any clinging or proprietary attitudes, you can kiss this relationship goodbye. Thus your love relationship can be exciting but may ultimately prove unfulfilling, especially if it is of the conventional sort. This is an unconventional man who needs a partner who can understand his need to get away at times. It's not you he is fleeing, just convention and responsibility. But when he is there, he will be there for you. You can either accept his independent nature or find someone else. Yet if you inject some variety, adventure and excitement into the relationship, you can be sure he will stick around. Conversely, although personal space is important to him, there is a part of him that needs emotional security and you can certainly provide him with that; This relationship can be difficult but it can also be successful if navigated carefully and you understand each other's needs.

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